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Ancillary activities for the project

Unit 20: My future world

Days six-seven: Culminating project rehearsal and presentations

Day 6

Independent Practice (45 minutes)

Students rehearse their Role Play in small groups with classmates and ask for and provide feedback and suggestions for change and improvement of one another's presentations. Teacher circulates and provides feedback as well.

Closure (5 minutes)

Teacher brings the room to order and answers any final questions that student might have.

Day 7

Closure (50 minutes)

Students present their Role Play in front of the class (if there are fewer than 10 students in the class) or in a small group format.

Teacher hands out 3 different color-paper large squares and asks students to form groups of 3, each student with a different color paper. The students present their role play while teacher evaluates one group. (Teacher has prepared blank copies of the Rubric in advance, has handed a copy to each student, who writes his or her name on the Rubric and then returns to Teacher before the evaluation process begins.)

Teacher signals all the students with a particular color to rotate. Example:

All students with the blue paper, please stand up and sit with another group that you've not sat with before.

The three students present their role play to one another. (Two of the group have already heard each other's role play, but that's okay. Repetition is a form of rehearsal and reinforcement of content at the same time.)

Teacher evaluates the second group.

Teacher signals another color to stand and rotate to a completely new group. Example:

Now, all the students with the red paper, stand up and move to another group.

This rotate and present process continues until Teacher has heard and evaluated all groups' presentations.

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