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Unit 20: My future world

Day three: Job faire


  • Students will be able to express needs.
  • Students will work collaboratively.
  • Students will describe future events using simple paragraphs when speaking and writing.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher has invited several guest speakers to the classroom. Teacher introduces these guests to the students and explains what these guests do for a living, (e.g., mail carrier, mechanic, etc.)

Input (15 minutes)

Teacher moderates a panel discussion among the guest speakers about what classes they had to take and what preparation they had to make in order to be able to work in this job or career.

Teacher encourages students to ask questions of the panelists.

Independent Practice (20 minutes)

Teacher divides the class into groups of four students in each group. Each group has a large piece of white paper and colored markers. Each group chooses a student in the group who has good handwriting to be the official "secretary" and to write on the paper with the markers.

Teacher gives each group a picture of a famous person (e.g., a singer, political figure, actor, athlete, writer, etc.)

The group will discuss, write and illustrate what they would have to do to prepare for the same type of job or career as their famous person. (Teacher must model a finished product so that students know exactly what they need to accomplish.)

Evaluation (15 minutes)

Each group presents their finished product to the other groups in a line-up or circle-within-a-circle format. Teacher circulates, listens, comments on and orally evaluates each group's work.

Teacher asks 5 to 7 advanced students to research salaries of 5 different careers. The students will report back to the class at the beginning of the next class meeting.

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