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Ancillary activities for the project

Unit 20: My future world

Day two: Career options


  • Students will be able to communicate orally about job and career options.
  • Students will work collaboratively with Teacher and with classmates.
  • Students will use short oral paragraphs.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Students ask the questions they wrote at the end of the previous day to the teacher. Teacher responds appropriately.

Input (20 minutes)

Teacher shows the slide show, "Work and Careers." Teacher asks many who, what, where, when, why questions to keep the students engaged and to check for student comprehension.

Guided Practice (20 minutes)

Activity 1

Teacher writes down the following sentences on the board:

  • A lawyer either works for the government to explain charges against a person or works to defend the person against the charges.
  • A government employee works for the federal, state or local government.
  • A construction worker spends most of his day around buildings.
  • A fireman puts out fires in homes or in the outdoors.
  • A chef prepares wonderful meals for guests in a restaurant.
  • A doctor works hard to keep his patients healthy and to find ways to cure illness.
  • A teacher prepares students for their future career or job.
  • A counselor helps people figure out how to solve problems.
  • A hairdresser cuts, colors and styles hair.
  • A photographer takes pictures of people, places and important events.

Teacher makes sure that all students understand the sentences. Teacher then reads the following descriptions and the students try to guess which job or career fits that description.

  1. He or she presents arguments in front of a judge to defend a client against legal charges.
  2. This person risks his or her life to save people's homes.
  3. We go and visit this person to ask for his or her help when we're not feeling good.
  4. This person helps people who are fighting or don't get along at home.
  5. This person has a very difficult, sometimes even dangerous job.
  6. This person works with young people to prepare them for life.
  7. These people are very artistic and present exhibitions or shows of their work.
  8. This person is in charge of the cooks in a big restaurant kitchen.
  9. This person usually has training in accounting or business.
  10. This person works at the post office or in City Hall.
Activity 2

Teacher distributes the activity sheet labeled Job Associations (translated into the Target Language.) Students respond to the prompts on the activity sheet, then compare their answers with a partner. Teacher collects the sheets for class participation credit.

Closure (10 minutes)

Teacher passes out My Future World project and rubric, and answers student questions about the assignment.

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