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Unit 19: Virtual voyage

Day five: What's in my suitcase?


  • Students will fill in information for a simulation of their passport.
  • Students will work collaboratively to present the contents of a travel suitcase.
  • Students will be able to communicate with oral paragraphs or strings of paragraphs.
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Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher shows students either a real passport or a simulation of his or her passport. Teacher answers any questions students might have.

Guided Practice (10 mnutes)

Teacher distributes a blank passport simulation form (written in the target language) to each student. Students fill in the information. Students can either draw a "photo" of themselves or can paste in a photo of a famous person or of themselves.

Evaluation (35 minutes)

Teacher instructs students to assemble with their team. Teacher instructs students that they have 5-10 minutes to rehearse their Contents of a Suitcase presentation.

Two team members present the contents of their team's suitcase to the others in the class. Teacher evaluates each presentation according to the rubric for the Suitcase Presentation.

Closure (5 minutes)

Teacher reminds students that they will rehearse their Travel Agency Skit during the next day of class. Teacher also encourages students to continue Internet research of their travel plans.

Teacher leads discussion of Travel Agency Skit questions of clarification.

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