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Unit 18: Class banquet

Day two: A shopping list


  • Students will be able to respond to food-related questions.
  • Students will be able to ask and respond to questions related to preparing a specific recipe with friends.
  • Students will work with a partner.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher passes back the student survey papers from Day One. Teacher makes comments about the content of the survey in order to review the vocabulary.

Input (25 minutes)

Teacher shows more slides from the Healthy Eating slide show and reinforces student participation and comprehension by recycling the vocabulary with who-what-when-where-why questions about each slide. Teacher can ask for students to volunteer names of famous people as answers to the comprehension questions. Teacher spends up to 2 minutes on each slide. For example:

  • Who is your favorite (actor, singer, musician, television personality, etc.)? Does he or she eat eggs? Why? Why not?
  • In which countries do people eat cheeses after the main meal or just before dessert?
  • Does your family like to eat fried green bananas? When do you usually eat them, at breakfast, lunch or dinner? Does (name of famous personality) eat fried green bananas? Why? Why not? What fruit does he/she prefer? Why?
  • Who does not drink orange juice? If no, what do you like to drink at breakfast time? Why?

Independent Practice (20 minutes)

Teacher assigns students to sit with a partner. One partner is A, and the other is B. The partners push their desks to face each other and place a large book or binder propped up between them so they cannot see their partner's paper.

Teacher passes out the forms for the A-B shopping-list activity, with the A and B pages printed on different colors of paper.

Students complete the A-B Activity, to be collected by Teacher for evaluation.

Closure (5 minutes)

Teacher asks for student reaction to the A-B activity. Teacher collects student work for evaluation. Teacher reminds students that their banquet takes place on Day Five.

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