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Unit 18: Class banquet

Day one: Let's talk about food


  • Students will review a variety of vocabulary related to food and health.
  • Students will be able to respond to a survey about their eating and drinking habits.
  • Students will work with a variety of partners.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher shows a bound and illustrated recipe book and tells about a memorable meal in which he or she has participated.

Teacher hands out the Class Banquet description and rubric, and explains the project to the class. Teacher announces the date for the banquet, on Day Six of this unit. NOTE: If Teacher finds, near the end of the unit, that the students need more time to prepare, he or she can postpone the date for the banquet.

Input (20 minutes)

Teacher presents approximately 20 minutes' worth of slides from the Healthy Eating slide show provided with this unit. Teacher asks many comprehension questions to recycle the vocabulary in each slide. For example:

  • Who, in this class, drinks milk?
  • How many glasses of milk do you drink?
  • What times of day do you usually drink milk?
  • Do you use milk in other ways, such as in cereal or chocolate drink?
  • How does your family use milk?
  • Who, in this class, does not drink milk?…What do you prefer drinking?
  • Do you think (name of famous person) drinks milk? Why? or Why not?

Teacher can spend at least a minute or two (or more) on each slide. The more time devoted to the vocabulary in each slide, (circling or recycling the vocabulary), the better the students will retain the information and the more they will be involved in the presentation.

Guided Practice (25 minutes)

Teacher has translated the Beverage Survey into the target language and made copies for each student. Teacher passes out the target language survey. Each student must interview 5 classmates and record their answers in the appropriate space. Teacher walks around the room and monitors student participation and progress. Teacher can pass out paper clips as a reward to students who are using the target language, telling them that each paper clip attached to their paper will be worth 1 point of extra credit for the assignment.

Closure (5 minutes)

Students return to their seats. Teacher asks volunteer students to tell something interesting they have learned today. Teacher collects student surveys.

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