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Unit 17: On the air!

Day two: Let's discuss current events


  • Students will be able to discuss opinions on current events.
  • Students will learn about the values of the culture being studied.
  • Students will research current events and acquire information from the Internet and written materials related to current events.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast their values with the values of the target culture.
  • Students will be able to use media to obtain information on current topics important to young people.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher shows a video clip of a news program, with the sound turned off. Students try to guess the topic of discussion or reporting. If a video clip is in the target language, then sound is turned on and students listen and fill in a graphic organizer, See-Hear-Think.

Possible topics:

  • Social values
  • Personal world
  • Political events
  • Technology
  • The arts

Input (15 minutes)

Teacher discusses some current events around the world. Teacher indicates the highlighted countries on a large map projected on screen in front of room. Teacher discusses who-what-when-where-why elements of the news report. Teacher writes pertinent information and text on front board along with any necessary translations of new vocabulary into the students' common language (L1).

Guided Practice (15 minutes)

Teacher provides groups of 3-4 students a written news or current-events article from the target culture.

Student groups read the article and categorize the main theme of the article in the following:

  • Literature, arts, music, dance
  • Family, rituals, religion
  • Leadership, education, politics
  • Technology, work or employment, natural disasters
  • Customs, class structure, ethnic groups, recreation

Independent Practice (20 minutes)

Students, in same groups, choose one article from target language magazine or newspaper, either hard copy or from Internet. Students read this article together. Student groups then present to classmates in the same who-what-when-where-why format that Teacher used in the Input section of this lesson.

Closure (2 minutes)

Students, as a whole class, choose and discuss an issue they found most compelling in today's lesson.

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