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Unit 16: In the news

Newspaper vocabulary and organiztion; internet research and pen pal emails; reading and writing news and sports articles, editorials, letters to the editor, classified advertisements. The unit lasts for 8 days.


Students will be able to:
  • Discuss current events and weather conditions
  • Correspond with a student pen pal
  • Narrate their ideas, emotions, and life experiences to another student
  • Participate with fellow classmates to create a group newspaper


Meeting the ACTFL national standards

  1. Communication: Students discuss, share opinions, work collaboratively; compose, read and interpret correspondence; plan and present a project to classmates, write an article for a team newspaper, present information about current events.
  2. Culture: Students gain insight into the patterns of behavior of the culture being studied and use art media to reflect that culture.
  3. Connections: Students further their knowledge of the target language in an interdisciplinary fashion.
  4. Comparisons: Students are able to give sociologically correct information on current events of the culture being studied.
  5. Communities: Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting.

Meeting the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools

  1. Content: Students address topics related to the immediate environment, including people in the community, climate, cultural and leisure-time activities, cuisine and fashion, health care, and technological advances.
  2. Communication: Students use created language (strings of sentences) or planned language (paragraphs and strings of paragraphs). Students produce and present a written product in a culturally authentic way.
  3. Cultures: Students demonstrate understanding of the roles that products, practices and perspectives play in the culture.
  4. Structures: Students use knowledge of text structure to understand topics related to the external environment.
  5. Settings: Students use language in informal and some formal settings. Students initiate age appropriate cultural or language use opportunities outside the classroom.

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