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Unit 14: Living in my world

Days six and seven: Planning a community service project


  • Students will write a proposal for a community service project (in English for Level 1, in the Target Language for all others.)
  • Students will write a model parent permission slip for the project, in English.
  • Students at Level 2 and above will translate the permission slip into the Target Language.
  • Students will plan and perform the project.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher tells students what they will be doing today (see objectives above) and distributes copies of the evaluation rubric. Teacher encourages students to ask for clarification or questions related to the projects for today.

Independent Practice (1-2 days)

Activity 1

Students, in teams of not more than 5, brainstorm and write the proposal for a community service project, describing in detail where they would like to class to go and what the class will do for the community. Teams also write a model parent permission slip for the service project.

The teacher circulates, monitors the discussion and the writing, and offers suggestions for appropriate language usage. Teacher collects the writing at end of class for evaluation.

Activity 2

Teams present their proposals and the class decides which service project they will perform.

If the class is in grade 9 or above, teacher solicits volunteers to contact the proper officials at the place where the project will take place, to get official written approval for the project, and set a date and time. Later they will describe what they did in this regard. (Teacher will make these arrangements for grades K-8.)

Other students volunteer to make a final version of the permission slip with details of the project, duplicate the form, and distribute it for all class members to take home.

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