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Unit 14: Living in my world

Day one: Writing a story


Students will be able to relate past events.

Setting the Stage (3 minutes)

Teacher plays a video clip on the classroom TV monitor of a show that he or she watched during the past week. The sound is turned off. Teacher asks students to guess the reason for looking at this particular video clip. Finally, Teacher explains that this is a clip of a television show from the past week.

Input (20 minutes)

Teacher shows a variety of paraphernalia related to activities a fictional or famous person did during the prior week. Teacher encourages class brainstorming to come up with a person or name -- the more unusual, the more fun. For example:

  • An item of clothing purchased in a store
  • A book picked up at a local library
  • A facsimile of a letter mailed at the post office
  • A receipt for gasoline purchased at a gas station
  • A newspaper ad for a movie Teacher saw
  • A facsimile of a menu from a restaurant where this character ate
  • A photo of a party or special event this character attended
With each item, Teacher
  • Explains what the item is and what past event it describes.
  • Asks yes/no, either/or, who/what/when/where/why and personalized questions in order to reinforce student comprehension. Teacher encourages class "creativity" in brainstorming answers. Example:
  • Did he/she go to the store?
  • Did he/she buy a shirt or a skirt?
  • Who helped him/her in the library?
  • What did he/she eat at the restaurant?
  • What time of day did he/she get gas for the car?
  • Why did he/she have to go to the post office a second time?
  • What movie have you seen in the past month?
  • Where did your family eat out recently?
  • What show did you watch this past week that you really liked? Why did you like it?

Teacher writes the text of the story that the students are creating for this personality's past week, on the board, on a blank overhead transparency or on the Smart Board. Teacher recycles and rereads each element of the story to ensure student comprehension and familiarity with the narrative.

Guided Practice (10 minutes)

Students write the text of the story they created on a sheet of paper. With an partner from another part of the classroom, students sit together and translate the story into English. Students fill in a graphic organizer of the elements of this story.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Students write a narration of what they did over the past few weeks.

Closure (5 minutes)

Students get up and read their narration to at least 3 other classmates.

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