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Unit 13: Fashion show

Day Five: Planning an outing


Students, in pairs, will

  1. Create a scenario for an excursion or date together.
    • Where they will go?
    • What time they will meet?
    • What they will do there?
    • What they will do to prepare?
    • What each will wear?
  2. Write a draft of their presentation, which will be in the form of a fashion show.

Setting the Stage (1 minute)

Teacher is dressed in a special outfit and walks around the room "showing off" this outfit as if he or she were a model in a fashion show.

Input (3 minutes)

Teacher holds up a large picture of a person who will accompany him or her on this special excursion. Teacher describes orally the scenario for the special excursion, including all the elements listed in the scenario above for himself or herself, as well as for the photo-friend.

Teacher then assigns partners for the project.

Independent Practice (the remainder of the class period)

Students, with their assigned partner, brainstorm and write a rough draft of their text for the Fashion Show.

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