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Unit 12: Communicating with my world

Day Six: Oral presentation


  1. Students will present their Time Capsule in a Carousel or Assembly-Line formation.
  2. Students will give and receive oral or written feedback on their presentation from classmates.

Setting the Stage (2 minutes)

Teacher and students set up the classroom for a Carousel or Assembly-Line. Teacher hands out a copy of the Time Capsule evaluation rubric to each student. Students write their name on this form.

Evaluation (40 minutes)

Teacher places his/herself in a strategic place in the Carousel or Assembly-Line in order to listen to one pair's presentation. The other pairs are facing one another in Carousel or Assembly-Line formation. Teacher encourages students to ask questions and to provide constructive feedback to one another. Teacher instructs all pairs to present their Time Capsule. Teacher collects the rubric evaluation from the two students who will present their Time Capsule. Teacher listens to the pair presenting to him/her. Teacher asks questions and also provides feedback. Teacher records the points scored on the evaluation forms for the two students. Teacher asks for quiet from the entire class and instructs the pairs to rotate to the next pair. Teacher collects the rubric evaluation forms from the next pair in front of him/her. That pair presents.

This Carousel or Assembly-Line presentation and evaluation continues until Teacher has heard every pair.

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