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Unit 12: Communicating with my world

Day Five: Facebook


  1. Students will finish writing the text for the oral presentation of their Time Capsule.
  2. Students will rehearse their oral presentation with classmates.
  3. Students will present their written rough draft to Teacher.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher asks for student feedback on the Time Capsule project:

  • What questions do you have?
  • What suggestions for change/improvement do you have?
  • How can I help you?
  • What art supplies do you have at the moment?
  • What art supplies do you still need?

Independent Practice (30 minutes)

Students, with their partner, finish writing the text for their oral presentation. Teacher circulates around the room and reads each pair's work. Teacher makes suggestions for improvement on the text -- grammatical as well as contextual.

Closure (10 minutes)

Student pairs present their Time Capsule to another pair. Teacher encourages all students to provide feedback to one another. Homework: Teacher encourages students to meet after school with their partner to rehearse/perfect their oral presentation.

Teacher collects the Facebook writing assignment and will evaluate on the following:

Content: Excellent to Poor
Comprehensibility: Excellent to Poor
Creativity (evidence of original thinking): Excellent to Poor
Accuracy: One element of linguistic accuracy to be chosen by Teacher
Appearance: Visual presentation, including illustration

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