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Unit 12: Communicating with my world

Day Four: Time capsule


Students, in pairs, will

  1. Brainstorm their Time Capsule project.
  2. Write a rough draft of their oral presentation.
  3. Submit their rough draft to Teacher.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher has music that relates to space or time travel playing on a Boom box or a CD or directly from the Internet on the classroom computer.

Teacher presents his or her own Time Capsule.

  • Shows the exterior decorations.
  • Builds suspense by asking questions about what might be inside.

Input (15 minutes)


  • Pulls out one item, with excitement in his or her voice.
  • Describes the first item and its significance in Teacher's life.
  • Pulls out second item and repeats description process.
  • Pulls out remaining items, one at a time, and describes.
  • Asks yes/no, either/or, and who/what/when/where/why questions about Teacher's presentation and writes down relevant vocabulary on board or overhead transparency, in both the Target Language and in English.

Independent Practice (30 minutes)

Students, with a partner:

  • Brainstorm and plan the contents and presentation of their Time Capsule.
  • Write a rough draft of their oral presentation.

Closure (5 minutes)

Student pairs share their plan or rough draft with another pair. Teacher assigns homework: Bring all necessary art materials and all the items you will place inside your Time Capsule to class tomorrow.

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