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Unit 12: Communicating with my world

Day Two: Silent Movie


  1. Students will review their filmstrip activity.
  2. Students will describe in writing a portion of a film or television show they see in class.

Setting the Stage (20 minutes)

Teacher shows and describes his or her version of the 3-frame filmstrip for a favorite movie to the entire class.

Students, in a circle-within-a-circle, carousel, or assembly line formation, show and describe their filmstrip with classmates. Teacher encourages conversation and commentary throughout. Teacher circulates and records "credit" for all the students who participate in this activity.

Input (10 minutes)

Teacher plays a pre-recorded video-clip of a movie or television show. Teacher turns off the volume and the students see a "silent movie." Once the video-clip is finished, Teacher leads a brainstorming session as to the genre of the video: comedy, drama, news, comedy, etc.

When students establish the genre, Teacher leads brainstorm as to the dialog and "sound" of the video-clip. Teacher writes the brainstorm text on the front board or on a blank overhead transparency. Example:

It's a dark and stormy night. The clouds are black. Thunder and lightening are everywhere. Snoopy, the dog, is sitting on top of his doghouse. He is wearing a pilot's cap and a long, red scarf. He also has on pilot's goggles. Snoopy is writing a story on his typewriter. Snoopy is laughing loudly. Suddenly, a little yellow bird shows up and lands on top of Snoopy's head. The bird begins to read what Snoopy has typed so far. The bird laughs, too. Snoopy's story is about space travel. Before the bird has finished reading Snoopy's story, the clouds open up and rain begins to fall. Both Snoopy and his little friend rush into the doghouse and fall asleep. Sweet dreams.

The Teacher reinforces vocabulary by posing yes/no, either/or and who/what/when/where/why questions about the brainstorm text.

Guided Practice (10 minutes)

Teacher provides a previously-prepared text of another storyline for the same video-clip to pairs of students.

The pairs then read the text together with their partner and write a translation of this text. Teacher collects this work for evaluation.

Closure (5 minutes)

Teacher discusses which types of movies and television shows are popular in the culture of the target language. If possible, Teacher shows photos of these movies and television shows.

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