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Unit 9: My community

Day five: Creating posters


Students will create posters that encourage positive behavior towards the environment and will post these posters all around their school.

Setting the Stage (2 minutes)

Teacher shows off a poster that he or she has created. The focus of this poster is to encourage one behavior that is positive towards the environment.

Input (10 minutes)

Teacher lists on the board, both in the target language (TL) and in the students' first language (L1), a series of imperative or command forms of the same verbs the students used in their story about the four characters' typical day and the characters' behavior towards the environment.

Teacher provides a sheet of white construction paper and colored markers to each student. Teacher shows some Powerpoint images and encourages the class to brainstorm a caption for each image, using the imperative forms.

Independent Practice (35-40 minutes)

Each student creates a poster that includes an image and a TL command or phrase that contains an imperative verb. The focus of this poster is to encourage positive behavior or discourage negative behavior towards the environment.

When everyone is finished, teacher and students travel around the school campus and post their posters in strategic locations, such as the cafeteria, the playground, the office, the library, the gymnasium, the hallways, etc

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