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Unit 8: Home tour

Day four: Jeopardy game


  1. Students will play a Jeopardy game with the questions and answers they wrote the day before.
  2. Students will be able to respond to a set of questions prepared by Teacher.
  3. Students will write a journal entry that describes an ideal bedroom.

Setting the Stage (5-10 minutes)

Teacher divides the students into four teams. The teams get up and sit in the four corners of the room. The teams choose a team name and write this name on a piece of construction paper with colored markers.

Each team shares the questions and answers that the team members wrote the day before. Teacher informs the students that they must talk very quietly, so that the other teams don't hear their questions and answers.

Input (20 minutes)

Each team member is assigned a number. Teacher has set up four chairs in the front of the room. Teacher tapes the construction paper with the team name on the back rest of the chair.

Teacher calls on the Student #1 from each team to sit in their team's chair.

Teacher collects all the question-and-answer papers from every team and shuffles the papers well.

Teacher instructs the students sitting on the chairs that if one of them knows what the question is for the answer the Teacher will read, that student must stand as quickly as possible. Teacher will choose whichever student stood up first.

Teacher reads an answer. First student to stand up must tell what the question is. If that student is correct, the student's team gets a point. Teacher or an assistant tallies the points on the front board.

Teacher reads second answer and process repeats. After the second point is won, the students who were in the chairs in the front of the room return to their corner and Student #2 is called up from each team.

The game continues until every student has played. The winning team gets a special prize, such as extra credit on the next assignment, or five free minutes at the end of class.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Teacher has prepared a set of questions. Students write down their responses. For example:

  1. Do you like the place where you live?
  2. In which room do you usually study? Watch TV?
  3. What is your bedroom like? Small, large? Do you have an armoire or a closet? Do you have some shelves for your books? Is your bed comfortable?
  4. Do you have a lot of things in your kitchen? What kinds of appliances are in your kitchen?
  5. Do you have your own bathroom or do you share a bathroom? With whom? Do you sometimes have problems with sharing the bathroom? When? Why?
  6. In your opinion, which room is the most important in your house? Why?

Evaluation (10 minutes)

Teacher instructs students to write a diary or journal entry. They are to describe their ideal bedroom. Teacher encourages students to illustrate their journal entry for "extra credit."


Content: 5-7 sentences ______ points
Comprehensibility: Language is clear, appropriate and easily understood. ______ points
Creativity: Writing shows evidence of originality. ______ points
Accuracy: Nouns are correctly spelled. ______ points
Appearance: Presentation is neat and colorful. ______ points
Total Points ______ out of 20
Outstanding=4 points,  Very good=3 points,  Average=2 points,  Unacceptable=1 point

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