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Unit 8: Home tour

Day Two: The rooms in a home


  1. Students will read the text description of various rooms in a house.
  2. Students will be able to respond to comprehension questions about the house.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher has projected the first slide of a Powerpoint presentation, illustrating four different homes. Teacher asks students to talk with their classmates and guess where these homes might be located. Which city? Which country? What kind of neighborhood?

Input (20 minutes)

Teacher presents Part 1 of the Powerpoint slide show, "My Home." With each slide, Teacher constantly ensures student involvement and participation by checking for comprehension about the details of each slide. (The text of the Powerpoint provided with the unit is in English, but Teacher may change text to the target language as appropriate.)

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Teacher provides each student with an illustrated vocabulary list of items normally found in a bedroom.

Students draw a detailed floor plan/illustration of an imaginary bedroom. The plan must include windows and doors, as well as furniture such as bed, table or desk, chair, lamp, carpet, closet, television set, telephone, etc. Everything is labeled.

Teacher provides recorded music that inspires students to be creative and relaxed while they are illustrating this imaginary bedroom.

Evaluation (20 minutes)

Students sit with a partner. They sit back to back, so that their partner cannot see their bedroom floor plan. Student A describes his/her floor plan to Student B. Student B must draw an approximation of this floor plan on a blank sheet of paper. Student B may ask Student A any questions to clarify the information.

After 10 minutes, Student B describes his/her bedroom floor plan to Student A, who also must draw an approximation of that floor plan on a blank sheet of paper.

At the end of the 20 minutes, the two students compare their own floor plan with the "copy" that their partner drew according to their direction and description. They staple all four sheets of paper together and submit to Teacher for evaluation, which is based on placement of items in the floor plans and correct labeling/spelling of the items.

Quick Tip

Download these pictures of sample bedroom items and label them to make an illustrated vocabulary list.


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