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Unit 5: Health

Day One: Dinner foods and beverages


Students will be able to talk about dinner foods and beverages with their classmates.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher has prepared a table in the front of the classroom, set for a dinner. On the table are large drawings of foods and drinks commonly consumed for dinner by the culture being studied. The students, in pairs, are to tell each other which foods they like or dislike

Input (15 minutes)

The teacher has prepared a large visual of the Food Guide Pyramid. (Example.) The teacher introduces the foods and drinks in the display and asks for a show of hands of students who like or dislike the various items. The teacher asks yes/no, either/or, and what/where questions about the various items in the visual and encourages the students to respond as a class. The teacher asks volunteer students to stand near the display and point to the various foods and drinks as the class discusses them.

Guided Practice (20 minutes)

Activity 1

The students create a list of foods and drinks they eat or drink regularly and a list of foods and drinks they think they should be eating and drinking. Using these lists, the students then discuss what they know about good food habits and activities that promote good health.

Activity 2

The teacher reads the following list, translated into the Target Language (TL), and the students are to indicate "thumbs-up" if the activity being described is healthy or "thumbs-down" if the activity is unhealthy.

  1. I love to run!
  2. I never get exercise.
  3. I participate in sports.
  4. I eat pastries every day.
  5. My friends and I lift weights.
  6. I drink water every day.
  7. I never eat vegetables. They are awful!
  8. I love spaghetti and tomato sauce.
  9. I eat fresh fruit once a week.
  10. I eat fresh fruit every day.
Activity 3
Students write their answers the following questions (translated into the TL):
  1. Should we all have sodas, ice cream and pastries to maintain our health?
  2. Is fruit salad good with potatoes and bananas?
  3. Do we eat butter with toasted bread or with meat?
  4. Which is better for your health, to drink sodas or to drink water?
  5. Which is not good for your health, steak and fries or fresh tomatoes with olive oil?

Independent Practice (15 minutes)

The class plays Team Pictionary with a variety of vocabulary related to dinner foods and drinks.

Closure (3 minutes)

Teacher tells the class what he/she is planning to prepare for dinner this evening.

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