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Unit 3: You are special

Additional activities

  1. Create a picture dictionary
  2. Create a picture and sentence dictionary
  3. Write a Diamond Poem
  4. Songs (listen to, read lyrics of, watch video of, fill in Cloze activity for)
  5. Read abridged versions of popular love stories (Beauty and the Beast)
  6. Write essays
    • A romantic date
    • My ideal future mate
    • My best friend
    • A romantic evening
    • A love lost
  7. Watch clips of popular TV soap stories with the sound turned off. Students brainstorm dialogue in the target language for the video.
  8. Write a mini-romantic novel
  9. Write a rule book on how to be a good friend/boyfriend/girlfriend
  10. Collect magazine pictures of
    • romantic-looking couple
    • two-angry-people scene
    • one or two sad-person(s) scene
    • "romantic" looking scene
    • other interesting people scenes
    Students groups brainstorm/cluster ideas and write as many questions as possible about the people and the circumstances. The following day, student groups receive one picture and the related questions written the day before and write a story using the questions as a guideline.
  11. Student Groups choose a famous couple (historical, literary, or currently popular), change one event in the couple's life and rewrite their story.
  12. Dear Abby Column. Students in the Level Three classes write the questions and send to Level Four classes. Students in Level Four classes write a response and return to the Level Three classes.

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