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Unit 3: You are special

Day nine: Speed dating


Students will be able to describe their personalities and characteristics to a partner, using short sentences or a series of sentences or short oral paragraphs.

Setting the Stage (3-5 minutes)

Teacher shows a video clip from that illustrates "Speed Dating." The first minute of this clip is one example, but there are many others available.

Guided Practice (10 minutes)

Students fill out a worksheet about their own characteristics and those of an ideal date. Each student will be given a number written in a heart which they stick with a straight pin on their chest. Boys and girls have different colors of hearts and numbers.

Independent Practice (20 minutes)

Move students' desks into sets of long rows, each set of rows facing each other so that students can talk as a pair.

Girls and boys sit in pairs, facing each other. When the game starts, each pair has about five minutes to greet each other, introduce themselves, and describe their ideal date (or their ideal friend, if students are embarassed about dating.) After five minutes, the teacher signals with a bell, with music or some other distinctive sound. Then all the boys stand up and move to the next seat. The boy sitting at an end-position desk moves in clock-wise rotation to the next row. The boy sitting at the end desk at the "last" row moves to the front boy's position in the "first" row. The next "date" begins.

If there are an uneven number of boys and girls, the extra pairs of boys or girls can talk about their ideal friend.

Closure (10 minutes)

Students (both boys and girls) write their favorite date's number on the back of their own number card. The boys then give their heart to the girl they have chosen as their favorite date.

The teacher gives any couple that actually "matches" a prize, such as two complimentary tickets to the movies or a complimentary gift certificate to a local restaurant for Sunday brunch.

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