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Unit 3: You are special

Days Five through Eight: My ideal partner


Students will be able to describe an ideal mate (physical characteristics, personal attributes and activities that they find attractive) to their classmates. They will also submit a written description.
    - Short phrases for beginning level
    - Short sentences for intermediate level
    - Short paragraphs for advanced level

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher plays a love song on the CD player and students write down all the words they hear and understand. Then, students compare their list of words with a partner.

Input (10 minutes)

Teacher tells a story that describes how someone (the class can choose this character, either real or fictional) and how this person meets an ideal partner. Again, the class participates in “creating” this ideal partner.

The teacher describes this ideal partner in the terms listed in the student objective. Throughout the input, the teacher checks for comprehension from the class as a whole with Yes-No, Either-Or and Who? What? Where? When? questions.

Guided Practice (10 minutes)

Students, with a partner, read aloud a short description of an ideal partner and discuss all the words they understand. This description reflects a story similar to the one the class created during the input.

Independent Practice (several days, depending on the class size)

Possible activities:

  • Students will work with a partner. Both will dress up as the "ideal" partner. Both will take turns describing and pantomiming (appropriate actions as he/she is being described).
  • Student will create a puppet that personifies his/her ideal partner.

Closure (30-45 minutes, depending on the class size)

Oral presentation on the ideal partner (1-3 minutes in length per student depending on the level of proficiency); must be memorized. Students present their work in a line-up or a circle-within-a-circle format. The teacher circulates and evaluates the presentations during this process.

Written description of the ideal partner including 5-10 illustrations with captions, either as a portrait, a poster, a booklet or a PowerPoint slide show.

Days Six through Eight

The next three days can be spent reviewing these activities and introducing selected Additional Activities.

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