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Unit 3: You are special

Days Three and Four: I like ______ because…


Students will be able to write a series of sentences to compliment or describe a classmate in positive terms.

Setting the Stage (3 minutes)

Teacher shows a picture of someone he/she likes. This can be a Powerpoint slide, an overhead transparency, or simply a large photograph taped to the front of the room. Teacher asks class to brainstorm with a partner as to the identity of this person and what this person is like.

Input (5 minutes)

Teacher describes this person in simple terms.
Teacher tells the class why he/she likes this person.
During the input, the teacher regularly checks for understanding by asking the class to respond to Yes-No, Either-Or and all the W-questions: Who? What: Where? When? Why?

Quick Tip
Avoid asking single volunteers to respond. That is too time-consuming. Simply encourage the class as a whole to respond freely.

Guided Practice (15 minutes)

Teacher leads a student brainstorming session:

  • What nice thing would your best friend write about her favorite teacher?
  • What would your best friend write about you?
  • What would you write about your best friend?

Independent Practice (15 minutes)

During this time, the teacher can play a romantic music CD

Students are given 5 copies of the "I like" handout and write (anonymously)

  • Short sentences (beginners)
  • A list of 3 to 5 short sentences (intermediate)
  • A connected paragraph for (advanced)

Closure (5 minutes)

Students then fold their handouts in half and write the name of the classmate they're describing on the "outside." Teacher collects the student work. Teacher tells the students that the "mail" will be delivered tomorrow.

Day Four

The fourth day can be spent reviewing these activities aand introducing selected Additional Activities. Don't forget to deliver the mail.

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