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Unit 1: In school

Day Ten: Review


Students will be able to create a crossword puzzle with ten words across and ten words down, using any vocabulary from this unit. The clues for these words are written on the back of the puzzle sheet, and may be in the target language.

Setting the Stage

Teacher has written descriptions of 6 specific student tasks. The directions are in English. Here are some possible tasks:

  1. Make a list of 5 times. Take turns in your group asking "What time is it?" and answering.
  2. Write down a numeral (1-9) on different index cards. Shuffle the cards and then draw out 2 cards together to create a 2-digit numeral. Say the new number.
  3. Draw the outline of a person on a sheet of paper and label the body parts.
  4. Make flashcards to help identify classroom items.
  5. Take turns asking and answering "What day is it?" and "What's the date today?" while pointing to a calendar.
  6. Take turns asking what the weather is like, while pointing to pictures of different seasons.

For 12 students, the teacher makes 2 copies of each task; for 18 students, 3 copies, etc.

Guided Practice (20 minutes)

Each student receives one task description. Students are to find the other students who have the same task. Students are to complete the task with their partners.

After 3 minutes have passed, the students take their original task instructions and mingle around the room as they sing a song. When the teacher claps his/her hands, the students "freeze" and give their instruction to the nearest classmate.

Students find their "new" partners and complete this second task.

After 3 minutes, the teacher and students repeat the music/freeze/switch papers process. Students participate in Round 3.

Independent Practice (25 minutes)

Using a crossword puzzle grid, the students create a crossword puzzle. They write the clues, in the form of a definition, a fill-in-the-blank, a synonym, an antonym, etc. on the back. 5 words down, 5 across. BE SURE THE STUDENTS USE PENCIL for this assignment.

Teacher collects at end of class and photocopies the front of each student crossword. Then, teacher erases the original words.


The next day, or whenever the test is given, Teacher hands out the crossword puzzles to the students, making sure that no one gets his/her own puzzle. Students fill out the answers to the puzzle. When time is up, teacher puts students into groups, gives each group the copies of the originals and the groups are in charge of "correcting" their work. Teacher walks around and monitors the students to make sure they are on task.

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