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Unit 1: In school

Day Six: The alphabet


Students will be able to write down a series of words that the teacher spells out orally.

Setting the Stage (2 minutes)

The teacher plays a song on a musical instrument, e.g., guitar, piano, cd player

Input (5 minutes)

The teacher "sings" the target-language alphabet to music. The students hum along. Teacher repeats several times, encouraging students to sing along.

Guided Practice (10 minutes)

Students, in groups of 3, choose a favorite song of their own and then practice singing the alphabet to that particular music.

Independent Practice (15-20 minutes)

The students perform their personal version of the alphabet to other groups. Groups rotate from one group to another until the students have presented to every group in the room. Teacher walks around and mingles, while listening to and praising students.

The students return to their seats and write a list of ten words in the target language. Each student spells out their words to a partner, who has to copy down the words he or she heard. The partners take turns spelling and writing, one word at a time.

Evaluation (10 minutes)

Teacher spells a list of 10 words orally to the class and the students copy down the words they hear. Teacher spells each word several times.

Closure (5 minutes)

Students provide feedback to teacher on what they liked about the lesson, as well as suggestions for improving/changing the lesson.

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