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Classroom Tip

Student Incentives: Bravos

Students respond favorably to incentives or little "prizes" as they work.

The teacher designs a little graphic that indicates a Bravo or similar concept of reward or encouragement. (Or download our graphic here.) This graphic is duplicated as many times as possible on an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. The teacher cuts out each Bravo and keeps a supply in his/her pocket or hand. The teacher gives a Bravo to deserving students as the class lesson progresses.

The students write their name on the back of each Bravo received during the lesson.

Option One: Teacher collects all the Bravos at the end of the lesson and puts them in some kind of "class" container. At the end of the week, the teacher draws one of the Bravos out of the container and the student whose name is on the back receives a little prize. For example:

  • an extra-credit "A" in the teacher's grade book
  • a candy bar
  • a "free" homework pass (The student only needs to do the even-numbered or odd-numbered sentences in a homework assignment)
  • a ½ grade raise on the next quiz

Option Two: Teacher collects all the Bravos at the end of the lesson and conducts a drawing at the end of the month. The winner receives a gift certificate for $10 to a local movie theater, video store, or restaurant.

The teacher takes a photo of the winner, prints out the photo and posts the photo in a section in front of the room marked "Winners' Circle." The photo remains there for an entire month.

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