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Campbell , George L.; Moseley, Christopher The Routledge Handbook of Scripts & Alphabets 2012 View
Cardona, George; Jain, Dhanesh The Indo-Aryan Languages 2007 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Cardona, George; Jain, Dhanesh The Indo-Aryan Languages 2003 View
O'Rourke, Mary-Jo; Shrestha, Bimal Man Nepali Phrasebook 2002 View
Raj, Prakash A. Nepali-English, English-Nepali Dictionary & Phrasebook 2002 View
Watters, Daniel P.; Rajbhandary, Narendra B. Nepali in Context: A Topical Approach to Learning Nepali 2000 View
Shackle, Christopher; Awde, Nicholas Treasury of Indian Love: Poems and Proverbs from the Indian Sub-Continent 1999 View
Sthapit, Kamala Nepali for Day to Day Communication 1999 View
Pradhan, Sri Babulall English-Nepali Dictionary 1998 View
Hutt, Michael J. Modern Literary Nepali: An Introductory Reader 1997 View
O'Rourke, Mary-Jo; Shrestha, Bimal Nepali Phrasebook 1996 View
Lamichhane, Padmini Communicating in Nepali: A Practical Handbook of Useful Nepali Dialogues, Expressions, Phrases and Terminology 1996 View
Gurung, Harka Get by in Nepalese 1996 View
Collett, N.A. ; Lepcha, Lyangsong; Gurung, Harkaman An English-Nepali-English Dictionary: in Roman and Nagari Scripts 1994 View
Sherchan , Bijaya ; Adhikari, Jyoti; Joshee, Kamala An Exercise Book on Spoken Nepali 1994 View
Schmidt, Ruth Laila; Dahal, Ballabh Mani; Pradhan, Krishna Bhai A Practical Dictionary of Modern Nepali 1993 View
Raj, Prakash A. Hippocrene Concise Dictionary: Nepali-English English-Nepali Dictionary 1992 View
Raj, Prakash A. Nepali-English English-Nepali Dictionary 1992 View
Oja, Banu; Oja, Shambhu Nepali: A Beginner's Primer 1992 View
Acharya, Jayaraj A Descriptive Grammar of Nepali and an Analyzed Corpus 1991 View
Mosburg, Earl R. Dictionary of the Spoken Nepali: Nepali-English, English-Nepali with phrases and grammar reference notes 1991 View
Kilgour, R.; Duncan, A.C.; Pradhan, G.P. English-Nepali Dictionary 1990 View
Peck, Brian M. An Enumerative Bibliography of South Asian Language Dictionaries 1988 View
Duncan, H.C.; Pradhan, G.P. Dictionary English-Nepali 1987 View
Matthews, David A Course in Nepali 1984 View
Meinhold, Margit; Raj, Prakash A. Nepal Phrasebook 1984 View
Jarmul, Champa; Murphy, John D. A Nepali Newspaper Reader 1984 View
Davis, Alice Irene Basic Colloquial Maithili: a Maithili-Nepali-English Vocabulary with Some Structure Notes 1984 View
Singh, Chandra Lal; Singh, Natshyendra Lal Nepali-English Dictionary: with Pronunciation in Roman Nepali 1983 View
Sharma, Tara Nath Beginning Nepali for Foreign Learners 1983 View
Baidya, Karunakar Teach Yourself Nepali: A Tourist Manual 1980 View
Verma, M. K.; Sharma, T. N. Intermediate Nepali Structure [1] 1979 View
Verma, M. K.; Sharma, T. N. Intermediate Nepali Reader [2] 1979 View
Fearnside, A. Afforestation Word List: English-Nepali 1977 View
Karki, Tika B.; Shrestha, Chij K. Basic Course in Spoken Nepali 1974 View
Meerendonk , M. Basic Gurkhali Grammar: in Roman Script 1971 View
Bandhu, C.M. Nepali Segmental Phonology 1971 View
Pradhan , Indramani An Introduction to the Nepali Vowel and Consonant Sounds 1969 View
Rice, Frank A. Study Aids for Critical Languages 1968 View
Schmidt, Ruth Laila A Nepali Conversation Manual 1968 View
Rana, Gabriel Nepali-English Dictionary 1968 View
Roberts, Tom; Arrowsmith, Gary Lessons in Nepali: A Revision of the Text 1966 View
HMG-USAID/N Government Budget and Accounting Systems A Dictionary of Selected Financial Terms 1965 View
Fisher, James F. Introductory Nepali: Dialogues, Drills, Grammatical Notes 1965 View
Das Gupta, Bidhu Bhusan; Karmacharya, Madhav Lal Nepali Self-Taught: English Medium 1964 View
Clark, T.W. Introduction to Nepali: A First Year Language Course 1963 View
Schmidt, Ruth Laila Nepali Supplements 1962 View
Banerjea, Jogendra Nath ; Pradhan, Paras Mani Child's Easy Grammar in Nepali 1961 View
Sharma, K.K. Regmi’s Anglo-Nepali Grammar 1961 View
Sharma, K.K. Anglo-Nepali Teacher 1954 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Shrestha , B.P. ; Sharma , Kabindra R. Speak with the Nepalese ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia ---- View
Oja, Shambhu; March , Kathryn; Turin, Mark Nepali: A Beginner’s Primer Conversation and Grammar ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View
Legends and Folktales ---- View