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Othman, Zaharah Colloquial Malay: The Complete Course for Beginners 2012 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Oey, Thomas G.; Alkadri, Sharifah Zahrah Alwee Everyday Malay: Phrasebook and Dictionary 2004 View
Chuchu, Jaludin Morphology of Brunei Malay 2002 View
Omar, Zuraidah Periplus Pocket Malay Dictionary 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Golden's English-Malay-Tamil Dictionary: Trilingual Explanatory Dictionary for Students 2001 View
Siti Rosnah Haji Ahmad Bahasa Melayu: An Introduction to Malay Language and Culture 2001 View
Mintz, Malcolm W. A Course in Conversational Indonesian: with Equivalent Malay Vocabulary 1998 View
Bradley, David; Roberts, Jason; Cummings, Joe South-East Asia Phrasebook 1997 View
Ramly, Anita Malay Phrasebook 1996 View
Ali, Hasan Muhammad Malay Idioms 1996 View
Karim, Nik Safiah Malay Grammar for Academics and Professionals 1995 View
Othman, Zaharah; Atmosumarto, Sutanto Colloquial Malay 1995 View
Oey, Thomas G.; Hutton, Wendy Everyday Malay: Phrasebook and Dictionary 1994 View
Mintz, Malcolm W. A Student's Grammar of Malay and Indonesian 1994 View
Seong, Teoh Boon The Sound System of Malay Revisited 1994 View
Hassan, Abdullah; Mohd, Ainon Sinonim Inggeris-Melayu / English-Malay Synonyms 1994 View
Munshi, M.E.K.; Munshi, M.A. Simple Conversation in Malay: A Useful Guide for Travellers 1993 View
Coope, A. E. Hippocrene Standard Dictionary: Malay-English English-Malay Dictionary 1993 View
Fang, Liaw Yock Speak Standard Malay: A Beginner's Guide 1993 View
Barker, John Practical Indonesian 1992 View
Hamilton, A.W. Malay Made Easy 1992 View
Sulaiman, Othman Pelanduk Pocket Malay Dictionary: English-Malay Malay-English 1992 View
Barker, John Practical Indonesian: a communication guide 1992 View
Suryadinata, Leo; Hassan, Abdullah Times Comparative Dictionary of Malay-Indonesian Synonyms 1991 View
Ismail, Brahim Speak Malay 1991 View
Sulaiman, Othman Malay for Everyone: Mastering Malay through English 1990 View
Soosai, G. Mastering the Malay Language: Malay Queries 1989 View
Benjamin, Geoffrey Grammar and Polity: The Cultural and Political Background to Standard Malay 1988 View
Soosai, G. Converse in Malay 1988 View
Wichian Tontrasene Thai-Malay-English Dictionary 1987 View
Omar, Asmah Haji; Subbiah, Rama An Introduction to Malay Grammar 1985 View
Soosai, G. Learn a Phrase a Day 1984 View
Wolff, John U. Say it in Indonesian (Malay) 1983 View
Burgess, Peter H. English/Malay Traveller's Phrase Book 1983 View
Parry, John; bin Sulaiman, Sahari Malay in Three Weeks: an Introduction to Modern Colloquial Malay 1982 View
Kader, Mashudi B. H. The Syntax of Malay Interrogatives 1981 View
Onn, Farid M. Aspects of Malay Phonology and Morphology 1980 View
Maris, M. Yunus The Malay Sound System 1980 View
Dyen, Isidore Spoken Malay [1] 1979 View
King, Edward S. Write Malay!: An Introduction to the Modern Written Language for English-Speaking Malayans 1978 View
Hassan, Abdullah The Morphology of Malay 1974 View
Lewis, M. Blanche Sentence Structure in Modern Malay 1969 View
Lewis, Blanche M. Sentence Analysis in Modern Malay 1969 View
US Department of State List of Chinese Dictionaries in All Languages 1967 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Aspillera, Paraluman S. A Common Vocabulary for Malay-Pilipino-Bahasa Indonesia 1964 View
Rahim, Yusoff S.A. 100 Common Malay-English Idioms 1960 View
Winstedt, Richard Unabridged Malay-English Dictionary 1960 View
Ramli, C.M. Progressive Malay 1959 View
Lewis, M.B. A Handbook of Malay Script 1958 View
Rentse, Anker Vocabulary of English-Malay (Malaya)-Malay (N.E.I.)-Javanese-Sundanese-Dutch 1944 View
King, Edward S. Speak Malay!: A Course in Simple Malay for English-Speaking Malayans ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Clueword: Multilingual Word Puzzles and Games ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View
Legends and Folktales ---- View