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Campbell , George L.; Moseley, Christopher The Routledge Handbook of Scripts & Alphabets 2012 View
Kiziria, Dodona Beginner's Georgian with 2 Audio CDs 2009 View
Melikishvili , Daniel; Humphries, J. Daniel; Kupunia, Maia The Georgian Verb: A Morphosyntactic Analysis 2008 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Hillery, P.J. The Georgian Language: An Outline Grammatical Description 2006 View
Kancheli, Teimuraz Georgian Language Distance Learning Course 2006 View
Amirejibi, Rusudan; Apridonidze, Shukia; Broers, Laurence A Comprehensive Georgian-English Dictionary [1-2] 2006 View
Kurtsikidze, Shorena Georgian Language and Culture 2005 View
Hewitt, George Georgian: A Learner's Grammar 2005 View
Mchedlishvili, Juansher; Mchedlishvili, David; Gotsiridze, Yvette English-Georgian Dictionary 2005 View
Mchedlishvili, Juansher The Concise English-Georgian Dictionary 2004 View
Harrell, S.J.; Koupounia, Maia; Tsitsishvili, Maia Georgian-English Dictionary 2002 View
Mchedlishvili, David A. Georgian Language 2001 View
Margalitadze, Tinatin English-Georgian Dictionary [10 JKL] 2001 View
Georgian-English Phrase-Book 2000 View
Gvarjaladze, Tamar; Gvarjaladze, Isidore English-Georgian and Georgian-English Dictionary 2000 View
Aronson, Howard I.; Kiziria, Dodona Georgian Language and Culture: A Continuing Course 1999 View
Cherchi, Marcello Georgian 1999 View
Berulava, Rezav; Berulava, Thea; Meshkia, I. Georgian-English-Russian Dictionary: micro-, macro-, megaeconomics, customs, taxation, law, management, transportation, finance, accounting, dealing, banking, insurance, audit 1999 View
Chanturia, Soso; Sulamanidze, Shorena English-Georgian and Georgian-English Dictionary 1998 View
Maisuradze, Marina; Nonikashvili, Dato English-Georgian Dictionary 1998 View
Kapanadze, Archil B.; Ruadze, Simon M. English-Georgian Conversation Book / Inglisur-Kartuli Sasaubro 1998 View
Awde, Nicholas; Khitarishvili, Thea Georgian-English/English-Georgian: Dictionary and Phrasebook 1997 View
Cherchi, Marcello Modern Georgian Morphosyntax 1997 View
Hewitt, George A Georgian Reader: with Texts, Translation and Vocabulary 1996 View
Hewitt, George Georgian: A Learner's Grammar 1996 View
Geguchadze, Leila The Georgian Language for Foreign Learners: Concise Grammar with Texts and Vocabulary 1996 View
Hewitt, B.G. Georgian: a Structural Reference Grammar 1995 View
Gabounia, Ketevan; Murphy, John D. Georgian Newspaper Reader 1995 View
Toraze, Tamar Kartuli-inglisuri leksikoni: 4700 sitqva / Georgian-English Dictionary 1994 View
Berulava, R.G.; Kvachakhia, I.I. English-Russian-Georgian Dictionary of Computers and Information Technology / Anglo-russko-gruzinskii tekhnicheskii tolkovyi slovar' 1994 View
Torikashvili, John J. Hippocrene Concise Dictionary: Georgian-English English-Georgian Dictionary 1992 View
Ratiani, Dali English-Georgian Phrase-Book: A Pocket Interpreter for English Speaking People 1992 View
Aronson, Howard I. Georgian: A Reading Grammar 1990 View
Vamling, Karina Complementation in Georgian 1989 View
Hewitt, Brian G. The Typology of Subordination in Georgian and Abkhaz 1987 View
Chisholm, William S.; Milic, Louis T.; Greppin, John A. C. Interrogativity: A Colloquium on the Grammar, Typology and Pragmatics of Questions in Seven Diverse Languages Cleveland, Ohio, October 5th 1981 - May 3rd 1982 1984 View
Menabde, Ts. G. Inglisur-rusul-'kar'tuli biologiuri le'ksikoni / Concise English-Russian-Georgian Biological Dictionary 1983 View
Gabeskiria, T. S. English-Georgian Mathematical Dictionary 1983 View
Holisky, Dee Ann Aspect and Georgian Medial Verbs 1981 View
Harris, Alice C. Georgian Syntax: A Study in Relational Grammar 1981 View
Gvarjaladze, Tamar; Gvarjaladze, Isidore English-Georgian and Georgian-English Dictionary 1974 View
Garsevanidze, Zinaida English and Georgian Thematic Vocabulary 1973 View
Kraveishvili, M.; Nakhutsrishvili, G. Teach Yourself Georgian: For English Speaking Georgians 1972 View
Gvardzhaladze, Isidor Silovanovich; Molodykh, Vera Feodorovna English-Russian-Georgian School Dictionary 1972 View
Gvardzhalandze, Isidor; Molodykh, Vera English-Russian-Georgian School Dictionary 1972 View
Cherkesi, E. Georgian-English Dictionary 1950 View
Sisauri, Besiki English-Georgian Dictionary ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Wysocki-Niimi, Tami Georgian Lesson Based on “Vano and Nik’o and the Laughter” ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 81 records (26 Authentic Materials and 55 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
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U.C. Berkeley Media Resources Center, films and videos AM provider; Video View
Multimedia Library, University of Illinois Russian and East European Center AM provider; Audio; Video View
Film library, Ohio State University Center for Slavic & East European Studies AM provider; Video View
Radio Station World: international media directory Audio; Schedule; Website View
Prayer murals from the Convent of Pater Noster Other graphic material View
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty news Audio; Periodicals; Schedule View
Central Asian Coins and Banknotes Currency or stamps View
ABYZ News Links: media portal Audio; Periodicals; Video View
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Other text material View
World Paper Money Image Gallery Currency or stamps View
Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center AM provider; Audio; Video View
Domestic violence pamphlets and posters Brochure; Sign or advertisement; Website View online retail store AM provider; Audio; Book collection; Software; Video View
Faith Comes By Hearing: audio website AM provider; Audio View
Global Recordings Network AM provider; Audio View
American Bible Society AM provider; Book collection View
Satellite Communications for Learning Assocation -- SCOLA Audio; Other text material; Video View
Wikipedia Website View
Online newspaper portal AM provider; Periodicals View
Voice of America news Audio; Periodicals; Video View
Kidon media link AM provider; Audio; Periodicals; Video View
Lyrikline poetry website Audio; Other text material View
Portal to web resources Other text material; Periodicals; Software; Website View
Tongue twisters in many languages Fun & Games View
Google search software Software; Website View
World Wide Internet TeleVision Audio; Video View