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Huseynova, Aida; Goetze, Mary; Fern, Jay Music and Culture of Azerbaijan 2007 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Ibrahimov, Abil Sameddin; Gurbanov, Habil; Sadigova, Sayali English-Russian-Turkish-Azerbaijani Dictionary of Law Terms 2004 View
Khudazarov, T.M. Teach Yourself Azeri for English Students 2004 View
Kamılzada, Marzıyya; Alıyev, Zaur; Kamılzada, İlana İngılısce-Rusca-Azarbaycanca Hüquq Lüğati / English-Russian-Azerbaijani Law Dictionary 2003 View
Abdullayeva, Ülviyyă Azărbaycan-İngilis vă İngilis-Azărbaycanca lüğăt 2003 View
Turksever, O.I.; Mammadov, G.G.; Musayev, P.O. English-Azerbaijani Dictionary / İngiliscə-Azərbaycanca Lüğət 2003 View
Dehghani, Yavar A Grammar of Iranian Azari including comparisons with Persian 2002 View
Allahverdiyev, C.E. Azărbaycanca-türkcă-rusca-ıngılıscă ehtımal năzărıyyăsı vă rıyazı statıstıka termınlărı lüğătı / Türkce-azerbaycanca-ıngılısce-rusca ıhtımal teorısı ve matematıksel ıstatıstık terımler sözlüğü / English-Azerbaijanian-Turkish-Russian Terminological Dictionary on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 2002 View
Qarayev, Abdulla Azărbaycanca-İngılıscă, İngılıscă-Azărbaycanca Danişiq Kıtabi / Azerbaijan-English, English-Azerbaijan Phrase and Conversational Book 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Öztopçu, Kurtuluş Elementary Azerbaijani 2000 View
Awde, Nicholas; Ismailov, Famil Azerbaijani-English English-Azerbaijani Dictionary and Phrasebook 1999 View
Johanson, Lars; Csató, Éva Á. The Turkic Languages 1998 View
Isaxanli, Hamlet; Ismayilova, Elza; Nasirova, Firangiz The Azerbaijani Language 1997 View
Oztopcu, Kurtulus; Abuov, Zhoumagly; Azemoun, Youssef Dictionary of the Turkic Languages 1996 View
Musayev, O.I. Azarbaijanja-Inkilisje Lughat 1996 View
Mamedov, Seville Hippocrene Concise Dictionary: English-Azerbaijani Azerbaijani-English 1995 View
Volozov, Valeriy Azerbaijani Texts with Parallel English Translations 1995 View
O'Sullivan, Patrick A.; Severino, Mario; Volozov, Valeriy Azerbaijani-English Dictionary 1994 View
Oztopcu, Kurtulus Colloquial Azerbaijani: A Mini Course [audio cassette] 1994 View
Mehreliyev, A.E.; Celilov, F.A.; Memmedova, N.M. Azerbaycanca - Rusca - Ingilisce Danışiq Kitabçasi 1994 View
Rzayev, Gurban; Rzayeva, Raya English-Azerbaijani Dictionary 1994 View
Sepehri, Abazar An Azerbaijani Reader in the New Alphabet 1994 View
Oztopcu, Kurtulus Colloquial Azerbaijani: A Mini Course [CD] [2005] 1994 View
Stansfield, Charles W.; Galloway, Ann Survey of Materials Development Needs in the Less Commonly Taught Languages: Final Report 1993 View
Murphy, John D.; Volozov, Valeriy B. Azerbaijani Newspaper Reader 1993 View
Mikailzade, N.J. Inġilisjă - azărbaĭjanja tibb lughăti / English-Azerbaijan Medical Dictionary 1993 View
Kocaoğlu, Timur; Mikail, Mirza; Kılıç, Mehmet Türk Dünyasi Konuşma Kilavuzu: Turistler İçin / Turkish World Phrase Guide for Travellers 1992 View
Rahimov, I.; Jaffarova, S. Mir; Rahimova, Z. English-Azerbaijani Dictionary 1992 View
Qacar, Ç.; Paşayev, H. Fars, azărbaycan vă ıngılıs dıllărındă şăkıllı sözlük / Persian, Azerbaijan and English Picture Dictionary 1992 View
Huseynov, Rahim; Babayev, Baba; Akhmedov, Gabil Slovar' astronomicheskikh terminov / Astronomija terminleri lughati / Dictionary of Astronomical Terms 1989 View
Afandizada, A. A.; Alizada, G. B. Ingilisja-rusja-azarbaijanja elektromekhanika terminlari lughati / English-Russian-Azerbaijan Electromechanical Terminology Dictionary 1987 View
Garaiev, Abdulla Azarbaijanja-ingilisja, ingilisja-azarbaijanja danyshyg kitaby / Azerbaijan-English and English Azerbaijan Phrase Book 1985 View
Volozov, Valeriy B. Language/Area Reference Center: Materials Status Report: Azerbaijani 1985 View
Haneda, Koichi; Ganjelu, Ali Tabrizi Vocabulary: An Azeri-Turkish Dialect in Iran 1979 View
Pool, Jonathan Some Observations on Language Planning in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan 1976 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Householder, Fred W.; Lotfi, Mansour Basic Course in Azerbaijani 1965 View
Ahmadova, Kh.; Rahimov, I. Azarbaijanja-ingilisja, ingilisja-azarbaijanja mukhtasar frazeolozhi lughat 1962 View
Kuliev, S. M.; Mdivani, A. A. English-Azerbaijani-Russian Dictionary on Oil Field Industry 1958 View
Assaturian, Gourgen H. Comparative Phonology of Osmanli and Azeri Turkish 1958 View
Simpson, C. G. The Turkish Language of Soviet Azerbaijan: Selections from the Press and from Modern Authors with a Grammatical Introduction 1957 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Global Language Online Support System (G.L.O.S.S.) ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
CenAsiaNet ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region (CeLCAR) Alphabet Charts ---- View
Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region (CeLCAR) Language Pamphlets ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 77 records (25 Authentic Materials and 52 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
To sort, click on "Materials" or "Title".

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