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Prauliņš, Dace Latvian: An Essential Grammar 2012 View
Prauliņš, Dace; Moseley, Christopher Colloquial Latvian: The Complete Course for Beginners 2010 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Šalme, Arvils; Ūdris, Pēteris Do it in Latvian!: Latviešu valodas sākumi pašmācībai 2005 View
Slovnyk 2004 View
Jātniece, Amanda Zaeska Latvian-English English-Latvian Dictionary and Phrasebook 2004 View
Aizstrauta, Gunita; Baltutis, Uldis Angļu-latviešu frazeoloģijas vārdnīca / English-Latvian Phraseological Dictionary 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Mozere, Rasma; Millere, Austra Angļu-latviešu latviešu-angļu vārdnīca 2002 View
Veisbergs, Andrejs Word-Formation in English and Latvian: Contrastive Analysis 2001 View
Fishman, Joshua A. Can Threatened Languages Be Saved?: Reversing Language Shift, Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Perspective 2001 View
Aras, Eva; Feldbach, Inna; Teteris, Jana Baltic Phrasebook 2001 View
Veisbergs, Andrejs Jaunā latviešu-angļu vārdnīca / The New Latvian-English Dictionary 2000 View
Nau, Nicole Latvian 1998 View
Kalniņa, Dz. Latviešu-Angļu Vārdnīca [1] 1998 View
Kalniņa, Dz. Latviešu-Angļu Vārdnīca [2] 1998 View
Šulcs, Verners; Līcis, Andrejs Angļu-amerikāņu-latviešu latviešu-angļu-amerikāņu sauszemes karaspēku militāro terminu vārdnīca / English/American-Latvian Latvian-English/American Land Forces Military Dictionary 1998 View
Moseley, Christopher Colloquial Latvian: The Complete Course for Beginners 1996 View
Mathiassen, Terje A Short Grammar of Latvian 1996 View
Mathiassen, Terje Tense, Mood and Aspect in Lithuanian and Latvian 1996 View
Jokubaitis, Paul; Teteris, Jana; Trei, Lisa Baltic States Phrasebook 1995 View
Pujāte, G.; Sosāre, M. Latvian for Foreigners 1995 View
Sosare, M.; Borzvalka, I. Latvian-English English-Latvian Dictionary 1993 View
Skopiņa, Laine; Varslavāne, Inguna; Liepa, Lauris Latviešu-Angļu-Latviešu Juridisko Terminu Vārdnīca / Dictionary of Legal Synonyms Latvian-English-Latvian 1993 View
Birzvalka, I.; Sosāre, M. English-Latvian Dictionary Latvian-English Dictionary / Angļu-latviešu vārdnīca Latviešu-angļu vārdnīca 1993 View
Avotyn', D.; Petere, B.; Sakse, I. Russko-Latyshsko-Litovsko-Estonsko-Angliiskii Slovar' / Latviesu-Lietuviesu-Igaunu-Anglu-Krievu Vardnica / Lietuviu-Estu-Anglu-Rusu-Latviu Kalbu Zodynas / Eesti-Inglise-Vene-Läti-Leedu Sonaraamat / English-Russian-Latvian-Lithuanian-Estonian Dict 1992 View
Metuzale-Kangere, Baiba Rényi Picture Dictionary: Latvian and English 1992 View
Viksnins, Helen M. Latvian Language Competencies for Peace Corps Volunteers in the Republic of Latvia 1992 View
Avotyn', D.; Petere, B.; Sakse, I. Russko-latyshsko-litovsko-estonsko-angliiskii slovar' 1992 View
Buss, O.; Baldunciks, J. 1000 vardu: latviesu valodas leksikas minimums ar tulkojumu krievu un anglu valoda 1991 View
Streipa, Liga K. Easy Way to Latvian 1991 View
Baldunciks, Juris Anglicismi latviesu valoda 1989 View
Birzvalka, I.; Sosare, M. Anglu-latviesu un latviesu-anglu vardnica / Latvian-English and English-Latvian Dictionary: Approx. 16,000 Entries 1989 View
Raskevics, J.; Sosar, M.; Timenchik, L. English-Latvian Dictionary / Anglu-latviesu vardnica 1985 View
Metuzale-Kangere, Baiba A Derivational Dictionary of Latvian / Latviesu Valodas Atvasinajumu Vardnica 1985 View
Fennell, Trevor G.; Gelsen, Henry A Grammar of Modern Latvian [3 vols.] 1980 View
Beatie, Bruce A. Ethnic Heritage and Language Schools in Greater Cleveland: A Directory 1979 View
Millers, Antonia Latvian Language: Grammar, Vocabulary, Exercises for the Use of Students 1979 View
Raskevics, J.; Sauka, O.; Vejs, J. English-Latvian-Russian Phraseological Dictionary / Anglu-Latviesu-Krievu Frazeologiska Vardnica 1977 View
Blesse, A.; Cukriskis, J.; Eiche, A. Illustrated Basic Latvian-English-German Dictionary and Grammar 1976 View
Scarry, Richard Richard Scarry Jautrā Grāmata: Lasāmgrāmata un angliski-latviska vārdnīca attēlos 1974 View
Turkina, E.; Zitare, K. Latviesu-Anglu Vardnica / Latvian-English Dictionary 1973 View
Belzeja, Z.; Curiks, J.; Feldhuns, A. English-Latvian Dictionary 1971 View
Ruke-Dravina, Velta Place Names in Kauguri County, Latvia: A Synchronic-Structural Analysis of Toponyms in and Ancient Indo-European and Finno-Ugric Contact Area 1971 View
Belseja, Z.; Feldhuns, A.; Grinblats, A. Anglu-latviesu vardnica / English-Latvian Dictionary 1966 View
Sosare, M. Latviesu-anglu vardnica: 7,000 vardu / Latvian-English Dictionary: 7,000 entries 1966 View
Lazdina, Tereza Budina Teach Yourself Latvian 1966 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Kratins, Ojars Latvian Self-Taught: For English Speaking People 1965 View
Feldhuns, A. Anglu-latviesu vardnica: ap 7500 vardu / English-Latvian Dictionary: Approx. 7500 entries 1964 View
Raskevic, J.; Sosar, M.; Timenchik, L. Anglu-latviesu vardnica: ap 20,000 vardu / English-Latvian Dictionary: Approx 20,000 entries 1962 View
Dravnieks, J. Angliski-latviska vādrnīca / English-Latvian Dictionary 1957 View
Loya, Ya. V.; Krueger, John Richard Brief Remarks on the Grammar of the Latvian Language [Latyshsko-russkii slovar'] 1952 View
Turkina, E. Angliski-Latviska Vardnica: Ar Fonetisku Izrunu, Gramatiku, Ipatnejiem Izteicieniem un Saisinajumu Paskaidrojumiem 1950 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 81 records (22 Authentic Materials and 59 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
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