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Žiūkaitė-Hansen, Laura Norwegian Practical Dictionary: Norwegian-English, English-Norwegian 2011 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month 2005 View
Forlag, Gyldendal Norsk Norwegian for Foreigners [CD] [1] 2005 View
Simons, Margaretha Danbolt Norwegian 2005 View
Žiūkaitė-Hansen, Laura Beginner's Norwegian: with 2 Audio CDs 2005 View
Lundskær-Nielsen, Tom; Barnes, Michael; Lindskog, Annika Introduction to Scandinavian Phonetics: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish 2005 View
Slovnyk 2004 View
Holland, J. Gill Norwegian Dictionary and Phrasebook 2003 View
Ostensen, Siri Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Norwegian Dictionary: English-Norwegian Norwegian-English 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Kershul, Kristine Norwegian in 10 Minutes a Day 2001 View
Lind, Åge Engelsk-Norsk Juridisk Ordbok / English-Norwegian Dictionary of Law 2001 View
Craig, Ronald L. Stor Norsk-Engelsk Juridisk Ordbok: Med Engelsk-Norsk Register / Norwegian-English Law Dictionary: With English-Norwegian Index 1999 View
Norwegian Grammar 1999 View
Berlitz European Menu Reader: For Eating Out in Over 25 Countries 1999 View
Askim, Per Norwegian-English Dictionary / Engelsk-Norsk Ordbok 1999 View
Janus, Louis Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar 1999 View
Blom, Øivind Norwegian in Three Months 1999 View
Lexus; Hopkins, Ragne; Corlett, Helen M. Norwegian Phrase Book 1999 View
Lehtipuu, Markus Norwegian Cassette Pack 1998 View
Knight, Lorna Sinclair; Hasselgård, Hilde Collins Engelsk-Norsk Ordbok / English-Norwegian Dictionary 1998 View
Simons, Margaretha Danbolt Norwegian 1997 View
Arnadóttir, Ingibjörg; Crozier, Peter; Lehtipuu, Markus Scandinavian Europe Phrasebook 1997 View
Gabrielsen, Egill Daae English-Norwegian Norwegian-English Dictionary 1997 View
Harrap's Dictionnaire Multilingue 1996 View
Friis, Erik J. Mastering Norwegian 1996 View
Friis, Erik J. Quick Norwegian 1996 View
Strandskogen, Åse-Berit; Strandskogen, Rolf; White, Barbara Norwegian: An Essential Grammar 1995 View
Lehtipuu, Markus Scandinavian Cassette Pack 1995 View
Berlitz Scandinavian Phrase Book and Dictionary 1995 View
Berlitz European CD Pack 1995 View
Bratveit, Kari; Jones, W. Glyn; Gade, Kirsten Colloquial Norwegian: A Complete Language Course 1995 View
Norwegian Phrase Book and Dictionary 1995 View
Klouman, Sverre Learn Norwegian: A Practical Course in Spoken and Written Norwegian 1995 View
Routledge; Bråtveit, Kari Norwegian Dictionary: Norwegian-English English-Norwegian 1994 View
Languages of the World 1993 View
Stokker, Kathleen; Haddal, Odd Norsk Teacher's Manual: for Norsk, nordmenn, og Norge 1993 View
Janus, Louis E. Workbook Teacher's Manual for Arbeidshefte til Norsk, nordmenn, og Norge 1993 View
Stokker, Kathleen Antologi Workbook / Arbeidsbok: for Norsk nordmenn og Norge 1993 View
Stokker, Kathleen Norsk, nordmenn, og Norge: Laererveiledning 1993 View
Brekk, Turid Elverum Norwegian 1993 View
Stokker, Kathleen Norsk, nordmenn, og Norge: Antologi 1993 View
Kirkeby, Willy A. English-Norwegian Dictionary for Trade and Industry / Engelsk-norsk ordbok for handel og næringsliv 1993 View
Thomas, Dorothy; Robøle, Barbara Instant Norwegian 1993 View
O'Leary, Margaret Hayford; Shackelford, Frankie Norsk i sammenheng: Intermediate Norwegian 1993 View
Chaffey, Patrick; Walford, Ronald Norsk-Engelsk Juridisk Ordbok: Strafferett, Straffeprosess og Andre Termer: Med englesk-norsk register / Norwegian-English Law Dictionary: Criminal Law and Procedure and Miscellaneous Terms: with English-Norwegian Index 1992 View
Gade, Kirsten Instant Norwegian 1992 View
Ansteinsson, John; Reiersen, Olav Norwegian-English Technical Dictionary 1990 View
Kirkeby, Willy A. Engelsk-Norsk Ordbok / English-Norwegian Dictionary 1988 View
Johansson, Iréne Nordic Glossary of Hydrology: English-Danish-Finnish-Icelandic-Norwegian-Swedish With Definitions in English 1984 View
Janus, Louis E. Norsk, nordmenn, og Norge: Workbook / Arbeidsbok 1981 View
Stokker, Kathleen; Haddal, Odd Norsk, nordmenn, og Norge: Norsk Text 1981 View
Forlag, Gyldendal Norsk Norsk for utlendinger [audio cassette] [1] 1979 View
Ali, Mohammad; Chaudhry, Rafiq A Multilanguage Dictionary 1978 View
Rice, Frank A. Languages of Western Europe. Pidgins and Creoles (European Based): A Survey of Materials for the Study of the Uncommonly Taught Languages 1976 View
Haugen, Einar Spoken Norwegian [2 vols.] 1976 View
Haugen, Einar Reading Norwegian 1976 View
Askim, Per Norsk-Engelsk Maritim-Teknisk Ordbok 1967 View
Sommerfelt, Alf; Marm, Inglvald Norwegian: A Book of Self-Instruction in the Norwegian Riksmål 1967 View
Chapman, Kenneth G.; Hoie, Claus Basic Norwegian Reader 1966 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Haugen, Einar; Chapman, Kenneth G.; Gundersen, Dag Norsk Engelsk Ordbok / Norwegian English Dictionary 1965 View
Haugen, Einar; Chapman, Kenneth G.; Rischel, Jørgen Norsk Engelsk Ordbok / Norwegian English Dictionary 1965 View
Ollmann, Mary J. MLA Selective List of Materials for Use by Teachers of Modern Foreign Languages in Elementary and Secondary Schools 1962 View
Jorgenson, Theodore; Galdal, Peter Norwegian-English School Dictionary 1955 View
Berulfsen, B.; Scavenius, H. Gyldendal's English-Norwegian and Norwegian-English Dictionary 1951 View
Askim, Per Norwegian Dictionary: Norwegian-English English-Norwegian ---- View ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Clueword: Multilingual Word Puzzles and Games ---- View
Goethe Tests ---- View
Quia ---- View
Verbix ---- View
Unilang ---- View
The Virtual Audio-Video Archives ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 189 records (109 Authentic Materials and 80 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
To sort, click on "Materials" or "Title".

Radio Station World: international media directory Audio; Schedule; Website View
The Leopard Man's African Music Guide Website View
Prayer murals from the Convent of Pater Noster Other graphic material View
ABYZ News Links: media portal Audio; Periodicals; Video View
Virtual matchbox labels museum Product label View
The Voice of Russia: online radio station Audio; Schedule View
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Other text material View
World Paper Money Image Gallery Currency or stamps View
Intratext Digital Library of texts Book collection; Other text material View
Domestic violence pamphlets and posters Brochure; Sign or advertisement; Website View
Recipe portal Website View
Park Hotel Vossevangen website Schedule; Website View
Hotel Loenfjord website Maps; Schedule; Website View
Hotel Britannia website Website View
Aftenposten Nettutgaven Audio; Maps; Periodicals; Website View
Transformers comic book covers Fun & Games; Other graphic material View
Flytoget Airport Train Schedule; Website View
Long distance bus company Form or certificate; Maps; Schedule; Website View
Car rental website Form or certificate; Website View
Car rental website Form or certificate; Website View
Norges Bank currency page Currency or stamps View
Google World Directories Website View
Orienteering website Website View
Mono music booking Website View
Kite club website Website View
Official Norway information website Website View
Riksantikvaren, Directorate for Nowegian Heritage Website View
Lillehammer Turist Website View
Trondheim, Norway Maps; Website View
Norsk Gardsost Website View
Edvard Grieg Museum website Schedule; Website View
Norwegian Radio History Society website Website View
National Library of Norway Audio; Maps; Other graphic material; Other text material; Video View
Project Runeberg Book collection; Other graphic material; Periodicals View
Charity website Website View
The Royal Family Website View
Nettavisen Video; Website View
Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art Maps; Website View online retail store AM provider; Audio; Book collection; Software; Video View
Home-improvement store website Website View
National Geographic Channel websites (Europe) Schedule; Website View
Global Recordings Network AM provider; Audio View
Children's activity website Website View
American Bible Society AM provider; Book collection View
Train schedule (Oslo S to Bergen) Schedule View
Receipt for mobile phone service Other text material View
Brochure for birthday parties at McDonald's Brochure View
Ticket for local transportation Other text material View
Train tickets and ticket jacket Other text material View
Menu for Oslo Kebab & Pizzahus Other text material View
Safety card for train travel Other text material View
Jehovah's Witness tract Other text material View
International Children's Digital Library Book collection View
Free office software Software View
Firefox web browser Software View
Bookstore program Brochure; Schedule View
Oslo university maps Maps View
Meat information website Website View
McDonald's brochure Brochure View
Film brochure Brochure View
Railway form for customer comments Form or certificate View
Campus map Maps View
Night school catalog Brochure View
Bank brochure Brochure View
University student services brochure Brochure View
Seafood information website Website View
Career magazine Periodicals View
Department store website Maps; Website View
Women's clothing advertisements Sign or advertisement View
Christmas gift ideas Sign or advertisement View
Advertisements for tableware Sign or advertisement View
Adult education catalog: art and craft courses Brochure View
Adult education catalog: physical education courses Brochure View
Adult education catalog: foreign language courses Brochure View
Adult education catalog: cooking courses Brochure View
Copenhagen tourist booklet: hotels Schedule; Sign or advertisement View
Copenhagen tourist booklet: attractions Brochure; Sign or advertisement View
Studvanest: University of Bergen news magazine Periodicals View
Airline website Maps; Schedule; Website View
Norwegian Film Institute website Website View
City of Oslo website Maps; Website View
National Geographic Magazine website Periodicals View
Online bookstore AM provider View
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation website Audio; Fun & Games; Schedule; Video; Website View
P4 Radio Norway Audio; Schedule; Website View
Riksutillinger: national touring exhibitions Website View
Elementary school webpage Maps; Schedule; Website View
SK Brann: Norwegian soccer team website Schedule; Website View
Norwegian national opera website Schedule; Website View
Norwegian embassies and consulates web portal Form or certificate; Maps; Website View
Norwegian Directorate of Immigration Website View
Oslo Metro Maps; Schedule; Website View
Coach bus company website Schedule; Website View
Online public transportation schedule Maps; Schedule; Website View
Oslo public transportation website Fun & Games; Maps; Schedule; Website View
Wikipedia Website View
Today's front pages Periodicals View
Online newspaper portal AM provider; Periodicals View
Fruit and vegetable website Website View
Kidon media link AM provider; Audio; Periodicals; Video View
TV stations from around the world AM provider; Audio View
Project Gutenberg Audio; Book collection View
Lyrikline poetry website Audio; Other text material View
Computer donation website Website View
Tongue twisters in many languages Fun & Games View
Google search software Software; Website View
Architecture website Website View
Bergen University information videos Video View
World Wide Internet TeleVision Audio; Video View