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Ka, Omar Nanu Dégg Wolof: Let’s Speak Wolof (A First-Year Textbook) 2009 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Camara, Sana Wolof Lexicon and Grammar 2006 View
Kantorek, Nyima Wolof-English, English-Wolof Dictionary & Phrasebook 2006 View
Ngom, Fallou Wolof 2003 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Davies, Mark Wolof Online 2001 View
Diouf, Jean Léopold Grammaire du Wolof Contemporain 2001 View
Faraja Children's Centre English-Wollof Phrase Book: experience more of Gambian life 2000 View
Awde, Nicholas Treasury of African Love: Poems and Proverbs 1997 View
Munro, Pamela; Gaye, Dieynaba Ay Baati Wolof: A Wolof Dictionary 1997 View
Stewart, William A. African Phrase Book: 12 Key Languages Spoken Across Africa 1997 View
Peace Corps The Gambia Wollof-English Dictionary 1995 View
Peace Corps The Gambia Wollof Grammar Manual 1995 View
Ka, Omar Wolof Phonology and Morphology 1994 View
WEC International; WEC International Wolof Learning Manual: For English Speakers 1992 View
Ouattara, Mouhamadou; Osborne, Eddie Essential Wolof for English Speaking Travelers 1992 View
Gamble, David Elementary Gambian Wolof Grammar 1991 View
Gamble, David P Gambian Wolof-English Dictionary 1991 View
Dwyer, David J.; Yankee, Everyl African Language Resource Handbook: A Resource Handbook of the Eighty-Two Highest Priority African Languages 1985 View
Williams, Emmanuel Defined Orthography of Gambian Wolof 1982 View
Cham, Mbaye; Dramé, Mallafé Na Ñu Jangg Wolof 1981 View
Gaye, Pape-Amadou Practical Course in Wolof: An Audio-Aural Approach 1980 View
Zins, John A Short English-Wolof Lexicon 1977 View
Sosseh, Hayib Bob Ag Momodou: A Basic Olof Course with Cultural Notes 1976 View
Mbowe, Ebrima M. Olof: Speak the Language and Know the Culture: A Self Instructional Course in Olof: A tourist Guide 1974 View
Sosseh, Hayib N. Speak Olof Easily: A Self-Instructional Book with Cultural Notes 1973 View
Nussbaum, Loren V.; Gage, William W.; Varre, Daniel Dakar Wolof: A Basic Course [1] 1970 View
Nussbaum, Loren V.; Gage, William W.; Varre, Daniel Dakar Wolof: A Basic Course [2] 1970 View
Nussubaum, Loren V.; Gage, William W.; Varre, Daniel Dakar Wolof: A Basic Course [3] 1970 View
Stewart, William A. Introductory Course in Dakar Wolof 1966 View
Jáán, Abdulááy; Tejeda, Felipe Intermediate Wolof Textbook 1960 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Mbeje, Audrey N. Online Multimedia Vocabulary and Pronunciation Project ---- View
African Languages Folktales & Songs ---- View
Sy, Mariame; Torrence , Harold; Schuh, Russell G. Wolof Video Course ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
The 200 Word Project ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Verbix ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View