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McGrath, Donovan; Marten, Lutz Colloquial Swahili: The Complete Course for Beginners 2012 View
Omar, Alwiya S.; Rushubirwa, Leonce F. Tuwasiliane Kwa Kiswahili 2007 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Cornice, Abdillahi Dider Mwana Simba: A New Swahili Learning Method for Beginners 2006 View
Muaka, Leonard; Muaka, Angaluki Tusome Kiswahili 2006 View
Benjamin, Martin; Biersteker, Ann; Bertoncini-Zubkova, Elena The Kamusi Project: Internet Living Swahili Dictionary 2005 View
Stevick, E.W.; Mlela, J.G.; Njenga, F.A. Swahili: Basic Course [CD] 2005 View
Van Vogt, A.E. No-Time Swahili [CD] 2005 View
Learn Kiswahili 2004 View
Senkoro, F. Tuseme Kiswahili 2003 View
Schleicher, Antonia Folarin; Senkoro, Fikeni; Senkoro, Fikeni; Omar, Alwiya Flash Card Tutorials: Swahili, Yoruba and Zulu Flash Cards 2003 View
McGrath, Donovan; Marten, Lutz Colloquial Swahili: The Complete Course for Beginners 2003 View
Wamitila, K. W. ; Kyallo, Florence M. English-Kiswahili Assorted Dictionary 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Awde, Nicholas Swahili: Swahili-English, English-Swahili Dictionary & Phrasebook 2002 View
Kirkeby, Willy A. English Swahili Dictionary 2002 View
TUKI Kamusi ya Kiswahili-Kiingereza / Swahili-English Dictionary 2001 View
Mohammed, M. A. Modern Swahili Grammar 2001 View
Familia za Maamkio-Mapanda A First English-Swahili Dictionary of terms in Use in the Catholic Church: with Glosses in Latin and Italian 2001 View
Subrahmanyam, YVS Learn Swahili Online 2001 View
Thompson, Katrina Daly; Schleicher, Antonia Folárìn Swahili Learners’ Reference Grammar 2001 View
Kirkeby, Willy A English Swahili Dictionary 2000 View
Drole, Uschi; Frank, Caroline; Rottland, Franz African Linguistic Bibliographies: A Linguistic Bibliography of Uganda [7] 1999 View
Moshi, Lioba; Nanji, Abdul; Hauner, Magdalena Mwalimu Wa Kiswahili: A Language Teaching Manual 1999 View
Akida, Hamisi; Alidina, Muhsin; Abdalla, Abdilatif Kamusi: Ya Kiswahili Sanifu 1999 View
Drolc, Ursula Swahili Among the Maasai 1999 View
Nshubemuki, L. ; Mwansoko, H. J. M. ; Mugasha, A. G. Istilahi za Elimumisitu Kiingereza-Kiswahili / Forestry Terminology English-Swahili 1999 View
Mlacha, S. A. K. Kamusi ya Sheria: Kiingereza-Kiswahili / Legal Dictionary: English-Kiswahili 1999 View
Knappert, Jan Grammar of Literary Swahili 1999 View
Mugane, John Tujifunze Kiswahili / Let's Learn Swahili 1999 View
Hinnebusch, Thomas J.; Mirza, Sarah M.; Stein, Adelheid U. Kiswahili: Msingi wa Kusema Kusoma na Kuandika / Swahili: A Foundation for Speaking Reading and Writing 1998 View
Moshi, Lioba J. Kiswahili Language and Culture: A Textbook for the Teaching of Kiswahili with Video / Kiswahili Lugha na Utamaduni: Kitabu cha Mwanafunzi wa Kiswahili kwa Video 1998 View
Benjamin, Martin; Mironko, Charles; Geoghegan, Anne Swahili Phrasebook 1998 View
Awde, Nicholas Treasury of African Love: Poems and Proverbs 1997 View
Stewart, William A. African Phrase Book: 12 Key Languages Spoken Across Africa 1997 View
Russell, Joan; Perrott, D.V. Swahili: Teach Yourself (Book and Cassette) 1997 View
Geoghegan, Anne Swahili Cassette Pack 1997 View
Tumbo-Masabo, Z. N. Z.; Mwansoko, H. J. M. Istilahi za Ufundi wa Magari na Matrekta 1997 View
Russell, Joan Swahili: A Complete Course for Beginners 1996 View
Massamba, D.P.B.; Khamisi, A.M.; Mlacha, S.A.K. Tuki English-Swahili Dictionary / Kamusi ya Kiingereza-Kiswahili 1996 View
Kihore, Y. M. Kiswahili for Beginners 1996 View
Moshi, Lioba J. VocabuLearn: Swahili, Level I 1995 View
Indakwa, John; Ballali, Daudi; Stevick, Earl W. Beginner's Swahili 1995 View
Russell, Joan Language Lotto: Kiswahili and English 1995 View
Polomé, Edgar C. Swahili Phrase Book and Dictionary 1995 View
Gilmore, Theopolis L.; Kwasa, Shadrack O. Swahili Phrase Book for Travelers in Eastern and Southern Africa 1994 View
Omar, Alwiya S.; Scarborough, Annie Swahili / Kiswahili: Language/30 1994 View
Simba, Esther M. Kiswahili Book for Peace Corps Tanzania 1994 View
Scarborough, Annie Berlitz Swahili Cassette Pack 1993 View
Scarborough, Annie Berlitz Swahili Phrase Book 1993 View
Bakhressa, Salim K. Kamusi: Ya Maana na Matumizi 1993 View
Bosha, I.; Nchimbi, A. S. Taathira za Kiarabu katika Kiswahili Pamoja na Kamusi Thulathiya: Kiswahili-Kiarabu-Kiingereza / The Influence of Arabic Language on Kiswahili with a Trilingual Dictionary: Swahili-Arabic-English 1993 View
Adam, Hassan Kiswahili Intermediate Course 1993 View
Zawawi, Sharifa Jifunze Kiswahili Chetu [workbook] 1993 View
Perrott, D. V. Swahili 1992 View
Perrott, D. V. Concise Swahili and English Dictionary: Swahili-English/English-Swahili 1992 View
Vitale, Anthony J. Spoken Swahili 1991 View
Zawawi, Sharifa M. Ongea Kiswahili: Converse 1991 View
Allen, J. W. T.; Allen, Roland; King, N. Q. A Poem Concerning the Death of the Prophet Muhammad / Utendi Wa Kutawafu Nabii 1991 View
Kitsao, J.; Sironka, Nicholas; Mathenge, Judy Wanjiku Mcheshi Goes to the Market / Mcheshi Aenda Sokoni 1991 View
Safari, J.; Akida, H. English-Swahili Pocket Dictionary 1991 View
Gilmore, Theopolis L.; Kwasa, Shadrack O. Swahili Phrase Book: for Travelers in Eastern and Southern Africa 1991 View
Cultural Connections Jambo, Hola, Hello: Greetings and Expressions in 10 Languages [1] 1990 View
Fabian, Johannes; Mango, Kalundi; Yav, André History from Below: The 'Vocabulary of Elisabethville' by André Yav: Text, Translations, and Interpretive Essay 1990 View
Biersteker, Ann; Balisidya, May; Carstens, Vicki Masomo ya Kisasa: Contemporary Readings in Swahili 1990 View
Bertoncini, Elena Zúbková Outline of Swahili Literature: Prose Fiction and Drama 1989 View
Haskins, Jim; Knutson, Barbara Count Your Way through Africa 1989 View
Virmani, K.K. Swahili: Learn and Speak in Forty Days 1989 View
Wanjau, Gakaara wa; Obura, Simeon Ojwang'a Japuonj Mar Dhok Adek Kanyachiel / Mwalimu wa Lugha Tatu Pamoja / A Teacher of Three Languages Together 1989 View
Moshi, Lioba J. Mazoezi Ya Kiswahili: Kitabu Cha Wanafunzi Wa Mwaka Wa Kwanza / Swahili Exercises: A Workbook for First Year Students 1988 View
Moshi, Lioba J. Tuimarishe Kiswahili Chetu: Kitabu cha Wanafunzi wa Mwaka wa Pili/Tatu / Building Proficiency in Kiswahili: A Manual for Second/Third Year Swahili Students 1988 View
Leonard, Robert; Balla, Mark; Mitra, Susan Swahili Phrasebook 1988 View
Baldi, Sergio A First Ethnolinguistic Comparison of Arabic Loanwords Common to Hausa and Swahili 1988 View
Wilson, Peter Simplified Swahili 1987 View
Adam, Hassan Kiswahili: Elementary Course with Key 1987 View
Ohly, Rajmund Swahili-English Slang Pocket-Dictionary 1987 View
Knappert, Jan Proverbs from the Lamu Archipelago and the Central Kenya Coast 1986 View
Dwyer, David J.; Yankee, Everyl African Language Resource Handbook: A Resource Handbook of the Eighty-Two Highest Priority African Languages 1985 View
Bennett, Patrick R.; Biersteker, Ann; Carstens, Vicki Swahili Today: An Introductory Course and Reference Grammar of Modern Standard East African Swahili 1985 View
Mbaabu, Ireri New Horizons in Kiswahili: A Synthesis in Developments, Research and Literature. 1985 View
Maw, Joan Twende! A Practical Swahili Course 1985 View
Okuka, Milos Tafsiri Sanifu: Toleo la 5 1985 1985 View
Musyoki, Agnes; Murphy, John D. An Elementary Swahili Newspaper Reader 1985 View
Liu, Yunsheng; Gencai, Zhuan English-Swahili Conversations / Maongezi: Kiingereza / Kiswahili 1984 View
Rutayuga, John B.K.; Murphy, John D. An Intermediate Swahili Newspaper Reader 1984 View
Wanyoike, E. N. A Teacher Training Reading Methodology Manual in Kiswahili for Lower Primary Classes in Kenya 1982 View
Maimu, Musa Kamusi ya ndege wa Tanzania: A Glossary of Birds of Tanzania 1982 View
Maimu, Musa Kamusi ya wanyama na nyoka wa Tanzania: A Glossary of Animals and Snakes of Tanzania 1982 View
Myachina, E. N.; Campbell, G. L. The Swahili Language: A Descriptive Grammar 1981 View
Scheven, Albert Swahili Proverbs / Nia zikiwa moja, kilicho mbali huja 1981 View
Safari, J. F. Swahili Made Easy 1980 View
Lacasse, Aime F. English-Swahili: Useful Phrases 1980 View
Hinnebusch, Thomas J.; Mirza, Sarah M.; Stein, Adelheid U. Kiswahili: Msingi wa Kusema Kusoma na Kuandika / Swahili: A Foundation for Speaking Reading and Writing 1979 View
Hawkinson, Annie K. Tanzanian Swahili: Special Skills Handbook 1979 View
Wilson, P. M. Swahili Picture Vocabulary 1979 View
Zawawi, Sharifa M. Loan Words and Their Effect on the Classification of Swahili Nominals 1979 View
Yahya, Saad S. English-Swahili Glossary of Technical Terms for Valuers and Land Economists 1979 View
Knappert, Jan Four Centuries of Swahili Verse: A Literary History and Anthology 1979 View
Nabhany, Ahmed Sheikh; Miehe, Gudrun; Schadeberg, Thilo C. Sambo ya Kiwandeo: Utungo wa Ahmed Sheikh Nabhany kwa Bahari ya Utendi / The Ship of Lamu-Island: A Composition by Ahmed Sheikh Nabhany in Utendi Form 1979 View
Abdulaziz, Mohamed H. Muyaka: 19th Century Swahili Popular Poetry 1979 View
Hawkinson, Annie K. Tanzanian Swahili: Communication and Culture Handbook 1979 View
Hawkinson, Annie K. Tanzanian Swahili: Grammar Handbook 1979 View
Clark, Raymond C.; Hawkinson, Annie K.; Mirza, Sarah Tanzanian Swahili: Teacher's Handbook 1979 View
Van Vogt, A.E. No-Time Swahili [audio cassette] 1979 View
Toweett, Taaitta English, Swahili, Kalenjin Nouns Pocket Dictionary 1979 View
White, T. Hedley; Sorsbie, C. E.; Mbwele, Nathan A Short English-Swahili Medical Dictionary 1979 View
Gougher, Ronald L. Self-Instructional Language Programs: An Introduction 1979 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed; Johnson, Frederick A Standard Swahili-English Dictionary 1978 View
Nasir, Sayyid Abdalla Bin Ali Bin; de Vere Allen, James Al-Inkishafi / Catechism of a Soul 1977 View
Ahmed, Said Bakari Bin Sultani; Harries, Lyndon The Swahili Chronicle of Ngazija 1977 View
Baldi, Sergio A Contribution to the Swahili Maritime Terminology 1976 View
Steere, Edward; Hellier, A. B. Swahili Exercises 1976 View
Wilson, P. M. English Swahili: Classified Vocabulary 1976 View
Nassir, Abdilahi A Concise Dictionary of English-Swahili Idioms: Part One 1975 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed Anthology of Swahili Poetry / Kusanyiko la Mashairi 1975 View
Yaa, J. D. A Guide to English/Kiswahili Translation 1975 View
Muhammad, Saleh; Shepardson, Al-Hajj Abedi Utenzi wa Jengo Lenye Itifaki / The Structure of Harmony 1974 View
Feelings, Muriel; Feelings, Tom Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book 1974 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed Swahili-English Dictionary of Usage [3 vols.] 1974 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Teaching Swahili in the United States 1973 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed Fatuma Anatiwa Unyagoni / The Initiation of Fatuma 1973 View
Farsi, Shaaban Saleh Swahili Idioms 1973 View
Feidel, Jan; Shariff, Ibrahim Noor Searching for My Brother: Poems from the Kiswahili 1973 View
Hassan, Mohamed; Chiang, Jeanne Tuseme Kiswahili / Let Us Speak Swahili 1973 View
Wada, Shohei Iraqw Basic Vocabulary with Swahili Equivalents 1973 View
Perrott, D. V. Teach Yourself Swahili 1972 View
Carstens, Vicki English-Swahili Grammar 1972 View
Zawawi, Sharifa M. Say it in Swahili 1972 View
Cahill, William F. Kamusi ya kwanza Kiswahili-Kiingereza / A First Dictionary Swahili-English 1972 View
Hichens, William; Nasir, Sayyid Abdallah bin Ali bin Al-Inkishafi: The Soul's Awakening 1972 View
Knappert, Jan An Anthology of Swahili Love Poetry 1972 View
Kianga, Kyulli One Hundred and Sixty-One Key Swahili Words and How to Use Them 1971 View
Knappert, Jan Swahili Islamic Poetry: Introduction: The Celebration of Mohammed's Birthday: Swahili Islamic Cosmology [1] 1971 View
Knappert, Jan Swahili Islamic Poetry: Miraj and Maulid [3] 1971 View
Knappert, Jan Swahili Islamic Poetry: The Two Burdas [2] 1971 View
Mlela, Johannes G.; O'Barr, Jean F.; Grant, Alice Shindano: Swahili Essays and Other Stories 1971 View
Zawawi, Sharifa M. Swahili Name Book 1971 View
Allen, J. W. T. Tendi: Six Examples of a Swahili Classical Verse Form with Translations and Notes 1971 View
Feelings, Muriel; Feelings, Tom Moja Means One: Swahili Counting Book 1971 View
Zawawi, Sharifa Kiswahili kwa Kitendo: An Introductory Course 1971 View
Mwalozi, D. Chilyalya Swahili [3] 1971 View
Kianga, Kyulli Kuzungumza Kiswahili / Conversational Swahili 1970 View
Allen, J. W. T. The Swahili and Arabic Manuscripts and Tapes in the Library of the University College Dar-es-Salaam: A Catalogue 1970 View
Steere, Edward Swahili Tales: As Told by Natives of Zanzibar: With an English Translation 1970 View
Chum, Haji; Lambert, H. E. Utenzi wa Vita vya Uhud / The Epic of the Battle of Uhud 1970 View
Muganda, Bernard K. Speaking Swahili: A Grammar and Reader / Kusema Kiswahili 1970 View
Mwalozi, D. Chilyalya Swahili [1] 1970 View
Michuki, David N.; Cahill, William F. Masomo Ya Kiswahili / A Kiswahili Course [Vol. 1 to 9] 1970 View
Prins, A. H. J. A Swahili Nautical Dictionary 1970 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed; Hvitfeldt, Bob Swahili Made Easy: A Grammatical Text and Basic Vocabulary in Usage 1969 View
Diva, David E. Swahili Readers [3 of 5 vols.] 1969 View
Whiteley, Wilfred Swahili: The Rise of a National Language 1969 View
Brain, James L. Basic Structure of Swahili Part II: A Background to the Swahili Language and Advanced Exercises 1969 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed Swahili Structures, Drills and Readings 1969 View
Brain, James L. Kamusi ya maneno ya utaalamu wa mambo ya kibinadamu / A Short Dictionary of Social Science Terms for Swahili Speakers 1969 View
Boyd-Bowman, Peter Self-Instruction in the Non-Western Languages: A Manual for Program Directors 1969 View
Harries, Lyndon Swahili Sentence Structure: Final Report 1968 View
Hollingsworth, L. W.; Alawi, Yahya; Saidi, R. H. Advanced Swahili Exercises 1968 View
Ismail, Hasani bin; Lienhardt, Peter The Medicine Man / Swifa ya Nguvumali 1968 View
Whiteley, W. H. Some Problems of Transitivity in Swahili 1968 View
Stevick, E.W.; Mlela, J.G.; Njenga, F.A. Swahili: Basic Course [audio cassette] 1968 View
Butoyi, C. I. Comprehensive Books for Junior Secondary Classes (Forms I and II): Kiswahili 1968 View
Le Breton, F. H. Masoma Ya Kiswahili 1968 View
Brain, James A Social Science Vocabulary of Swahili 1968 View
Polomé, Edgar C. Swahili Language Handbook 1967 View
Loogman, Alfons Swahili Readings with Notes, Exercises and Key 1967 View
Knappert, Jan Traditional Swahili Poetry: An Investigation into the Concepts of East African Islam as Reflected in the Utenzi Literature 1967 View
Kijuma, Muhammad; Harries, Lyndon Utenzi wa Mkunumbi / A Swahili Potlatch 1967 View
Mirza, Sarah A Learner's Synopsis of Swahili Structure 1967 View
Rechenbach, Charles W.; Gesuga, Angelica Wanjinu; Leinone, Leslie R. Swahili-English Dictionary 1967 View
Jahadhmy, Ali Ahmed A Standard English-Swahili Dictionary: Founded on Madan's English-Swahili Dictionary 1967 View
Ashton, E. O. Swahili Grammar (Including Intonation) 1966 View
Carstens, Vicki Swahili: An Active Introduction: Geography 1966 View
Allen, J. W. T. An Active Introduction to Newspaper Swahili 1966 View
Farsi, S. S. Swahili Sayings from Zanzibar: Riddles and Superstitions [2] 1966 View
Farsi, Shaaban Saleh Swahili Sayings from Zanzibar: Proverbs [1] 1966 View
Nassir bin Juma Bhalo, Ahmad; Harries, Lyndon Poems from Kenya: Gnomic Verses in Swahili 1966 View
el Murjebi, Hamed bin Muhammed; Whiteley, W. H. Maisha ya Hamed bin Muhammed el Murjebi yaani Tippu Tip: Kwa maneno yake mwenyewe 1966 View
Indakwa, John; Ballali, Daudi Swahili: An Active Introduction: General Conversation 1966 View
Brain, James L. Basic Structure of Swahili 1966 View
Westermann , D.; Ward, Ida C. Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages 1966 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Abdallah, Hemed; Allen, J. W. T. Utenzi wa Seyyidna Huseni bin Ali / The History of Prince Hussein Son of Ali 1965 View
Loogman, Alfons Swahili Grammar and Syntax 1965 View
van Spaandonck, Marcel Practical and Systematical Swahili Bibliography: Linguistics 1850-1963 1965 View
Dodd, W. A. Kitabu Cha Ramani Za Upelelezi / A Mapbook of Exploration 1965 View
Harries, Lyndon; Velton, Carl Swahili Prose Texts: A Selection from the Material Collected by Carl Velten from 1893 to 1896 1965 View
Hellier, A. B. Masomo ya Kiswahili: kitabu cha mwalimu 1A. A Kiswahili Course: Teacher's Book Part 1A (Pre-reading) 1965 View
Krapf, L. A Dictionary of the Suahili Language: With Introduction Containing an Outline of a Suahili Grammar. 1964 View
Nassir, Abdilahi Swahili 12 Weeks Course. Vocabulary List: Swahili-English, English-Swahili [6] 1963 View
Brain, James L. Swahili 12 Weeks Course [Vol. 1 to 5] 1963 View
Ratcliffe, B.J.; Elphinstone, Howard The New English-Swahili Phrase Book 1963 View
Mollard, P. W.; Haile, P. H. W. Guide and Aid to Swahili Examinations Incorporating: Elementary Swahili Instructional Course and Lower Swahili Examination Vocabulary 1962 View
Harries, Lyndon Swahili Poetry 1962 View
Bassett, Udy Everyday Swahili Phrases and Vocabulary 1962 View
Wood, H. Howorth Elementary Swahili 1962 View
el Buhry, el Hinawy Hemed Abdallah Saidi Abdallah Masudi; Allen, Roland Utenzi wa Abdirrahmani na Sufiyani / The History of Abdurrahman and Sufian 1961 View
Snoxall, R. A. A Concise English-Swahili Dictionary / Kamusi ya Kiingereza-Kiswahili 1961 View
el Buhriy, Hemedi bin Abdallah bin Said bin Abdallah bin Masudi; Allen, J. W. T. Utenzi wa vita vya Wadachi kutamalaki Mrima 1307 A.H. / The German Conquest of the Swahili Coast, 1891 A.D. 1960 View
Hunter, William F. A Manual of Congo Swahili Grammar 1959 View
Whiteley, W. H. The Dialects and Verse of Pemba: An Introduction 1958 View
Lambert, H. E. Ki-vumba: A Dialect of the Southern Kenya Coast 1957 View
el Buhriy, Hemedi bin Abdallah bin Saidi; Allen, Roland; Allen, J. W. T. Utenzi wa Kutawafu Nabii / The Release of the Prophet 1956 View
Mathenge, Judy Wanjiku Better Farming in Nyanza 1956 View
Le Breton, F. H. Up-Country Swahili Exercises: For the Soldier, Settler, Miner, Merchant, and Their Wives and for All Who Deal with Up-Country Natives without Interpreters 1956 View
Cultural Connections Domi-Langos: Set One - Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Swahili 1955 View
Haddon, Ernest B. Swahili Lessons 1955 View
Steere, Edward; Hellier, A. B. A Handbook of the Swahili Language as Spoken at Zanzibar 1955 View
Hoyt, Elizabeth E. An Old Man and His Children / Mzee na Wanawe 1953 View
Perrott, D. V. Swahili Basic Course [6 vols.] 19-- View ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Youngman, Jeremy Useful Swahili ---- View
Ali, Hassan O.; Ali, Kassim O. Swahili Language and Culture ---- View
Jambo Kenya Network ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Global Language Online Support System (G.L.O.S.S.) ---- View
Mbeje, Audrey N. Online Multimedia Vocabulary and Pronunciation Project ---- View
The Internet Living Swahili Dictionaries ---- View
Hinnebusch, Thomas; Mirza, Sarah Swahili Pronunciation Guide ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
African Languages Folktales & Songs ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
The 200 Word Project ---- View
Erickson , Helen L.; Gustafsson, Marianne Kiswahili Grammar Notes ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Moshi, Lioba; Omar, Alwiya; Renganathan, Vasu KIKO: Kiswahili kwa Komputa ---- View
Mugane, John First Year Swahili from ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Clueword: Multilingual Word Puzzles and Games ---- View
Verbix ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

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