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Campbell , George L.; Moseley, Christopher The Routledge Handbook of Scripts & Alphabets 2012 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Hajduk, R. English-Belarusian Dictionary 2005 View
Slovnyk 2004 View
Susha, T.M.; Schhuka, A.K.; Mayo, P.J. Angliiska-belaruska-ruski slounik / English-Belarussian-Russian Dictionary 2004 View
San'ko, Kastus'; Z'mitrovich, Ales' Sloŭnik vydavetskikh i palihrafichnykh terminaŭ: anhel'ska-belaruski belaruska-anhel'ski / A Dictionary of Publishing and Printing Terminology: English-Belarusian Belarusian-English 2003 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Stankevich, George Conversational Belarusian 2001 View
Dubovik, A.E. Anglo-Russko-Belorusskii Slovar' Menedzhera 1996 View
Carcas, George A Concise Grammar of Byelorussian 1995 View
Susha, T.M.; Shchuka, A.K.; Mayo, P.J. Kishenny Angla-Belaruska-Ruski Slounik / Pocket English-Belarusian-Russian Dictionary 1995 View
Piatrouski, Ian Anhel'ska-belaruski slounik & Belaruska-anhel'ski slounik / English-byelorussian dictionary & Byelorussian-english dictionary 1993 View
Karpovich, L.T.; Kazyra, L.A. Angla-belaruski sloŭnik gramadska-palitychnai leksiki / English-Byelorussian Dictionary of Social and Political Vocabulary 1993 View
Ushkevich, Alexander; Zezulin, Alexandra Hippocrene Concise Dictionary: Byelorussian-English English-Byelorussian Dictionary with Complete Phonetics 1992 View
Mikhnevich, A.Y.; Navichenka, N.M. English-Byelorussian Phrase-Book 1992 View
Susha, T. M.; Shchuka, A. K. English-Byelorussian-Russian Dictionary 1989 View
Sanchez, James Joseph Bibliography of Universally Available Curriculum Materials for Eastern European Languages: Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Czech, Slovak and Ukrainian Languages 1985 View
de Bray, R. G. A. Guide to the East Slavonic Languages (Guide to the Slavonic Languages) [3] 1980 View
Pashkievich, V.; Adamovich, A. Fundamental Byelorussian [2] 1978 View
Mayo, Peter J. A Grammar of Byelorussian 1976 View
Pashkievich, V.; Adamovich, A. Fundamental Byelorussian [1] 1974 View
Wexler, Paul N. Purism and Language: A Study in Modern Ukrainian and Belorussian Nationalism (1840-1967) 1974 View
Lewanski, Richard C. A Bibliography of Slavic Dictionaries: Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Kashubian, Lusatian, Old Church Slavic, Macedonian, Polabian, Serbocroatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian [2] 1973 View
Bidwell, Charles E. Outline of Bielorussian Morphology 1970 View
Bidwell, Charles E. A Morpho-Syntactic Characterization of the Modern Slavic Languages 1969 View
Bidwell, Charles E. Alphabets of the Modern Slavic Languages 1967 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View