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Japanese: Language & Culture

General Links

Japanese Manners and Etiquette

AboutCom: Japanese Language

Pacific Software Publishing: Japanese Online Forum

Language Related Websites in Japan

Timeline of Japanese History

Library of Congress Portals to the World: Japan

Wikipedia: Japanese Language

Languages on the Web: Japanese

Ethnologue: Japanese

Country and Culture teaching modules from the Defense Language Institute

Governmental and Geographical Resources

US Department of State Background Notes: Japan

The Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet

Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC

BBC News Country Profiles: Japan

CIA World Factbook: Japan

Professional Associations and Language Resource Centers

Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ)

University of California, Los Angeles: Center for Japanese Studies

Japan Association for Language Teaching

Japan Foundation & Language Center in Los Angeles

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Japanese Language and Culture Network

The National Institute for Japanese Language

Society for Teaching Japanese as Foreign Language

Library Resources

Indiana University Bloomington Libraries: East Asian Collection

UCLA Japanese Studies Electronic Resources

UCLA Japanese Studies Online Resources

Media Links

Daily Yomiuri On-Line

Guide to Newspapers in Japan

Hirigana Times

Internet Public Library: Japan

Japan-A-Radio: The Internet Radio Station

Japan Media Review

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Japanese Language News and Magazines

OnlineNewspapersCom: Japan

WorldNewspapersCom: Japanese Newspapers

Japanese Newspapers and Media

Japanese Radio

The Japan Times Online

Live Radio and Television from Japan

Mangajin Magazine (only back issues)

NewsLink: Japan Newspapers

Kidon Media-Link: Japan

Radio Japan

Scholarly Publications

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

Journal of Asian Pacific Communication

Study Opportunities

Eurolingua Institute’s Study Abroad Programme: Japanese

Educational Directories Unlimited: Language Study Abroad Programs - Japanese


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