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Swahili: Language & Culture

General Links

Archives of Popular Swahili

Kiswahili Resource Page

Languages on the Web: Swahili

University of Pennsylvania: African Studies Program - Menus and Recipes from Africa

PBS: The Swahili Coast - Perceptions of African Identity

UNESCO: Swahili Culture

Wikipedia: Swahili Language

Columbia University Libraries: African Language Resources - Swahili Language on the Internet

Library of Congress Portals to the World: Tanzania

Ethnologue: Swahili

The African Cookbook: Menus and Recipes from Africa

UCLA Library Information Resources on African Languages & Culture

Country and Culture teaching modules from the Defense Language Institute

Governmental and Geographical Resources

US Department of State Background Notes: Tanzania

BBC News Country Profiles: Tanzania

CIA World Factbook: Tanzania

National Website of the United Republic of Tanzania

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Washington, DC

Professional Associations and Language Resource Centers

Michigan State University: African Studies Center

Boston University: African Studies Center

African Language Teachers Association (ALTA)

Michigan State University: H-Swahili Discussion Network

Library Resources

Library of Congress: Africana Collections

Media Links

Arusha Times

BBC News: Swahili


KBC Kiswahili Service

Online Newspapers: Kenya

Online Newspapers: Tanzania

Online Radio Stations: Kenya

Online Radio Stations: Tanzania

Radio Deutsche Welle: Swahili Service

Scholarly Publications

Journal of African Studies

Swahili Forum

Study Opportunities

Educational Directories Unlimited: Language Study Abroad Programs - Swahili

University of Cape Town: Department of Linguistics and Southern African Languages - Swahili at the African Languages and Literature Section


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