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Please note: Due to project funding termination in summer 2014, this database is no longer actively being maintained. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the listings.
Job announcement

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for a target language (TL) expert with experience in document translation to prepare testing materials aimed at assessing translation skills going from the TLs listed below into English. The linguist will need to find texts in the TL that are authentic (i.e. originally written in the TL for a TL audience), and provide translations into English. The test consists of two forms, each composed of four short passages of increasing difficulty, according to the Interagency Language Roundtable Skill Level Descriptions for Translation Performance ( The texts should pertain to topics of concern to the FBI, such as law, criminology, forensic medicine, technology, and finance. Training will be provided.

Work will be part-time and temporary. This job would be on a one-time contractual basis and payment for preparing two forms (in all, eight passages) is $2000. Although the contractor will need to come to our D.C. office to meet with us initially, the work can be done from home. Consequently, contractors in the D.C. metro area are preferred. However, if the contractor is not from the D.C. area, the Bureau will reimburse expenses for travel within the U.S. Any necessary training will be provided.

Required qualifications (please respond only if you meet these qualifications):
- Native speaker educated to the university level in one of the TLs below
- U.S. citizen or green card holder
- Able to come to D.C. or local FBI field office for fingerprinting and to fill out forms
- Not bound by any federal non-compete agreements

Preferred qualifications:
- Experience with document translation into English
- Strong English skills
- Previous writing or editing experience in TL
- Able to respond to constructive criticism
- Detail-oriented
- Familiarity with the ILR scale

To apply, please email a resume with a cover letter explaining how you meet our requirements, to Please include your current US work status (e.g., citizen, Green Card holder, etc.) Anyone not including all requested information may not be considered.

Target Languages:
- Azeri
- Amharic
- Belarusian
- Bengali
- Burmese
- Catalan and Spanish
- Chechen
- Danish
- Dari
- Estonian
- Ga
- Gujarati
- Hungarian
- Indonesian
- Lithuanian
- Luganda
- Malay
- Nahuatl
- Norwegian
- Quechua
- Somali
- Swedish
- Uyghur
- Uzbek

Submitted by Lisa Witmer, Second Language Testing, Inc.