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Please note: Due to project funding termination in summer 2014, this database is no longer actively being maintained. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the listings.
Conference announcement

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning invites you to register for our sixth annual conference!

Themed “Engage the World,” the conference will feature more than 45 hands-on workshops organized into four intertwined strands that will help educators and their students better engage the future:

· Deeper Learning. Help students learn how to learn and gain skills and knowledge an ever-changing world demands. Give them opportunities to apply critical thinking and decision-making skills to real-world issues and projects. Design learning experiences that allow students to work collaboratively and effectively with peers and experts around the world.

· Expanded Learning. Adopt a global learning framework and open a world of opportunities for youth engagements. See how after school and summer programs, internships, service learning projects, and other out-of-school time activities can bolster academic success.

· A Digital World. Integrate technology and media to create a truly global learning environment, right in your own classroom.

· Take Action. Inspire students to create their own future through real-world projects. Globally competent students are change makers—they are not bystanders. They’re keenly able to recognize opportunities and problems and have the capacity to act on and defend their beliefs. A well-rounded global education not only opens student’s eyes, but also sets the stage for them to act in ways that are inspired by their course of study and driven by a desire to make a difference locally, regionally, and globally.

All sessions will also feature practical ways to help educators and school leaders work collaboratively to connect achieving global competence to the process of adopting the Common Core Standards.

On June 27, take part in one of four pre-conference workshop led by master educators. Each three-hour workshop goes in depth on global learning topics. Choose from:
· Develop Globally Competent Students Through Project-Based Learning
· Learning and Leadership in the Digital Age
· Service Learning: Academic, Engaging, Real
· Deep Dive into the K-5 Global Education Toolkit
The pre-conference sessions are $100, but save 10% if you register before April 17.

Submitted by LMP Editor