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Call for papers

My special session "The Orient in the Hispanic Wor(l)d" is accepting proposals until April 15, 2013. This panel seeks to explore the cultural intersections of the Orient in the Hispanic world in literary, historical and/or visual texts. We welcome papers that examine these cultural crossroads in a variety of forms including, but not limited to, Asian Hispanic identities, (mis)representations, art, film, and theater.

Please submit your proposals online at The conference will take place in San Diego, 1-3 Nov. 2013.

I need at least 3 good proposals. If we receive more, we "may" be able to create a second session, but since we are doing this at a hotel, it's first-come first-serve. Email me at this address: if you have any questions.


Alejandro Lee

Submitted by Alejandro Lee, Central Washington University