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Job announcement


Our company ( / is responding to a DARPA / Dept. of Education proposal, whose aim is to determine whether mobile games can help K - 6 students "develop an ear" for languages, enhancing their ability to learn languages in the future.

We're proposing a solution that mixes story-based learning in international contexts with a suite of mini games for specific skills development.

We're looking for an expert in language theory who can assist us in focusing our proposal (and later, our project) to effectively target skills that build one's ability to learn languages. Interest in games, and how games can develop those skills is a bonus, but not a requirement.

Pre-proposal, we'll ask you to consult with us on the draft of the solution design, and develop the literature review. If we're successful in winning the contract, the work would be focused helping us align our methods with appropriate theories of general skill acquisition and language learning.

Did I mention that the proposal's due in two and a half weeks, on Feb. 5? We'll need to work quickly.

Please email me directly at, and include a CV highlighting relevant publications.


Doug Nelson • President, Kinection • • 831-359-8778 •

Submitted by Doug Nelson