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Job announcement

Two Language Training Supervisor opportunities in two of the Divisions within the Language School, one in the Romance Languages Division (ROM), and one in the Slavic, Pashto, and Persian Languages Division (SPP). The School of Language Studies, Foreign Service Institute (FSI/SLS) is located in Arlington, Virginia. The School of Language Studies consists of approximately 650 Language and Culture Instructors and supervisory-level personnel and provides training and testing services amounting to more than 1,000,000 student hours annually in 70 languages, to more than 40 agencies in addition to the Department of State. These two Language Divisions are among those responsible for the conducting of intensive language and cultural training programs. These programs vary in length and may be as much as 44 weeks at FSI in the U.S., followed by an additional 44 weeks at an overseas school for the most difficult languages. The length of training depends on the language proficiency requirements of the employees and family members of DoS and other government agencies who are assigned to embassies and consulates abroad.

Manages and directs a long term training program which varies widely in numbers of Language and Culture Instructors (LCI's) and students supervised, frequency of course presentations and lengths of courses. Recruits, trains and develops Language and Culture Instructors to teach language and culture. Exercises professional linguistic skills to develop and monitor language training program(s) to bring students to high levels of proficiency. May manage groups of instructors and students whose political, cultural and religious differences make coordination and counseling efforts challenging. Designs new courses and makes extensive revisions in existing training courses. Becomes certified to administer and score official proficiency tests.

Applicants must meet ONE of the required basic entry qualification requirements described below:

A. Degree: that included or was supplemented by major study in education or in a subject-matter field appropriate to this position;

B. Combination of education and experience -- courses equivalent to a major in education, OR in a subject-matter field appropriate to the position, PLUS appropriate experience OR additional course work that provided knowledge comparable to that normally acquired through the successful completion of the 4-year course of study described in A above.

Note: All applicants WILL BE required to submit transcripts of the course work from an accredited U.S. college or university ; or a private professional organization specializing in interpretation of foreign educational credentials as verification of educational requirement by the closing date of this announcement. You MUST (1) submit a copy of your college transcript(s) with your application, and if selected, an official college transcript(s) will be required to verify education prior to employment; (2) transcripts MUST be legible AND include your name, major, school name/location, course title/number, date completed, grade, and number of credits earned; (3) if your documents are on dark / color paper, you will need to Xerox them to lighten them up in order for us to read them. If we cannot read the documents we cannot give you this credit; (4) if you attended more than one college you MUST submit a transcript from each institution if you wish your education to be considered in qualifying you for this position; and (5) all college course work that may be pertinent to qualifying you for the position MUST be included on the transcripts. If you fail to provide requested information, or the information you submit is insufficient to verify your eligibility, you WILL lose consideration for this position.

See the website for an updated version of this announcement.

Submitted by LMP editor