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Call for papers and conference announcement

International Conference on South Asian Languages and Literatures 10 (ICOSAL 10)

At the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University, and Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow), 5-6 July 2012

15 December 2011: submission of proposals
1 February 2012: submission of abstracts
1 March 2012: notification of acceptance

The Department of Indian Philology, Institute of Asian and African Studies (IAAS), Moscow State University, and the International Centre for South Asian Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities, are proud to host the 10th International Conference on South Asian Languages and Literatures (ICOSAL 10). Out of the nine previous ICOSALs, three were organized in Moscow by the Department of Indian Philology, IAAS, (July 1997, July 2003, June 2006). The other six ICOSALs were organized by various Indian Universities (in Hyderabad, Aligarh, Patiala and other Indian cities).

The main problems discussed at the ICOSALs were: the structure of Hindi and other Indian languages as a subject of University education outside India; resource materials for learning Hindi and other Indian languages; new challenges to the teaching of Indian languages and literatures; software and other technical devices for teaching and learning Indian languages; new trends in Hindi orthography caused by using computers; estimation of manuals and textbooks used for teaching Indian languages; problems of translation; influence of European and American literature on writers of Indian Diaspora; the role of web resources in developing and spreading modern Indian literatures. There were also special sessions dedicated to creative activity like reciting poetry or performing a play (plays) in Indian languages by students of Moscow State University.

Proceedings of the 1st ICOSAL, under the title "Vaagbhaarati", were published by Moscow State University in 1998, edited by L.V. Khokhlova and A. Sawani

Proceedings of the 5th ICOSAL, "Old and New Perspectives on South Asian Languages: Grammar and Semantics", were published in 2007 by Motilal Banarsidass, ed. by Colin Masica.

Proceedings of the 8th ICOSAL, "Language Vitality in South Asia", were published in 2009 by Aligarh Muslim University, ed. by Ali R. Fatihi

Linguistic Subfields in ICOSAL 10:
Morphology, semantics and syntax of South Asian languages; languages versus dialects; problems of demarcation of related languages (e.g. Hindi versus Urdu); divergent developments of languages in different countries (e.g. Urdu in India and Pakistan, Bangla in India and Bangladesh; (cultural) history of South Asian languages.

Literature Subfields in ICOSAL 10:
History of various literatures of South Asia; patterns of the appearance of new literary languages and new literatures; hermeneutics of literary analysis; literature(s) and religion(s); problems of literary genres in the literatures of South Asia.

Organizing committee Head:
Professor M.S. Meyer, Director, Institute of Asian and African Studies, MSU

Committee Members: Linguistics: Dr. L. Khokhlova (, Dr. E. Panina (, Prof. B. Zakharyin Literature: Prof. Neelam Saxena (, Dr. E. Akimushkina (, Dr. A. Dubyanskiy (, A. Janvijay (, Dr. M. Rusanov (, Prof. S. Serebriany (, Dr. A. Stolyarov (, Dr. G. Strelkova (

Proposals and abstracts should be sent to the secretary of the organizing committee E. Bugayenko ( The size of an abstract should not exceed 2000 characters. Abstracts should be typed in TimesNewRoman 12.

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