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Unit 20: My future world

Day four: My priorities for the future


  • Students will be able to describe, explain and discuss.
  • Students will work collaboratively.
  • Students will communicate in short oral and written sentences.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Students who researched the salaries of various careers report their finding to their classmates.

Input (10 minutes)

Teacher introduces five new personalities (a photo, a hand puppet, a stuffed animal, a doll, a small statue, etc.) to the students.

The photo, hand puppet, stuffed animal or doll takes on the following roles:
  • - a student who wants to become an engineer.
  • - a student who wants to become an artist.
  • - a student who wants to become a teacher.
  • - a student who wants to become a civil or government worker.
  • - a student who wants to become an athlete.

Teacher models a short interview with each of the above personalities about how he or she will prepare for his chosen career. Teacher encourages students in the class to ask questions of each personality.

Teacher indicates that students will present their own interview results to their classmates tomorrow (see the My Future World project and rubric) and that Teacher will evaluate each presentation.

Guided Practice (20 minutes)

Teacher gives each student a copy of the Ideal-Job survey, (translated into the Target Language). Teacher instructs students to prioritize the list from most (#1) to least important (#11).

When finished, students are to form groups of five and tally their results on a new, clean copy of the Ideal-Job Survey.

When the groups are finished tallying, Teacher asks an advanced student to come to front of the classroom and write on the board the tally results of every group into a final, entire-class tally.

Closure (10 minutes)

Teacher leads class discussion on the entire-class tally results.

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