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Unit 19: Virtual voyage

Day one: Using the Internet


  • Students will work with partners both orally and in writing assignments.
  • Students will review the conditional and imperfect tenses in context.
  • Students will be able to use oral and written paragraphs and series of paragraphs.

Setting the Stage (5 minutes)

Teacher has set up a desk computer or laptop computer in the front of the classroom. Teacher asks all students to stand up. Teacher then conducts the following survey.

"Those of you who use the computer one hour or less every day, please sit down."

(Perhaps a handful will sit, perhaps no one will sit.)

"Those of you who use the computer two hours or less every day, please sit down."

(Some students should now have sat down.)

"Those who use the computer three hours or less, sit down."
"Those who use the computer four hours or less, sit down."

Teacher continues this process until one or two students are left standing. Teacher asks these students directly,

"How many hours do you use the computer every day? For what types of activities do you use the computer?"

Input (15 minutes)

Teacher shows the slide show, The World of the Computer, and leads a discussion of the content in each slide. Teacher asks who, what, when, where, and why questions to encourage discussion, to reinforce any new vocabulary and to ensure student comprehension.

Guided Practice (10 minutes)

Activity 1
"What if we had no..."

Students, as a whole class, respond to the multiple choice questions shown in Activity 1 of the practice activities.

Activity 2
"How to use the computer"

Students, in pairs, read and match the computer terms to their correct definitions in Activity 2 of the practice activities.

Independent Practice (15 minutes)

Students, in groups of five, discuss a series of questions related to their use of computers and the Internet, in "Computers and us," the Independent Practice section of the practice activities.

Closure (10 minutes)

Teacher passes out the information for the three projects for this unit.

Teacher allows about 5 minutes for students to read the description of the projects and to discuss them with the students sitting nearby.

Teacher responds to questions that students may have about the three projects.

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